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Dynamic AI License Options

Product Editions and License Options to Match Your Needs

Flexible licensing options are available to allow customers to purchase Dynamic AI according to their specific needs. Dynamic AI is licensed per virtual machine or per physical server if VMs are not installed.

Available in single Server Edition or scalable multi-server Enterprise Edition, Dynamic AI is handling deployments ranging from small workgroups with a few users to very large enterprises with thousands of users.

All Dynamic AI licenses include…

  • AI = “Automated Intelligence” – true, one-click BI reports and graphs
  • Accessibility from desktops, laptops, tablets and smart phones.
  • Connectivity for OLE-DB and ODBC sources: Oracle, MS-SQL, IBM DB2, Sybase, SAP HANA, MySQL, and more.
  • Comprehensive designer tools with library of charts and styles (CSS)
  • Automated or scheduled delivery of reports and dashboards in formatted HTML or PDF, or raw delimited data formats
  • Business activity monitoring and alerting.
  • Excellent security, versioning and history logging for audit and compliance.
  • Flexible, yet elaborate user/group rights and role management.
  • Centralized metadata and data dictionary repository

 Named User Licensing

A Dynamic AI Named User Server licenses users by their individual name and a role with defined rights and functionality. Roles for Named User Servers are:

  • Author: A user that has rights to create and/or modify business intelligence reports, queries and analysis as well as have full administration capabilities for the Dynamic AI server. Authors are Viewers too – they can run and use reports and intelligence.
  • Viewer: A user that only has the right to run and/or use reports and intelligence created by Authors. Viewers can make and save limited, ad hoc changes to existing reports; they cannot create new reports or materially alter existing reports.

Concurrent User Licensing

A Concurrent User Server allows an unrestricted number of user IDs to be defined but licenses only a specific number of those IDs to use Dynamic AI at the same time (concurrently). All concurrent users can be granted the same level of functionality; there is no Author/Viewer distinction.

OEM Licensing

Volume OEM licensing is available for embedded use in applications if qualifications are met. Contact us for details.