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DataFlex Reports Licensing

Which license do I need?

A DataFlex Reports Standard, Developer Edition or Web Deployment License?

A DataFlex Reports Standard Edition license is for anyone who wants to create and run good-looking business reports from DataFlex and SQL databases and other ODBC data sources.

A DataFlex Reports Developer Edition license is for software developers that want to create reports and embed and distribute them with business applications. 

Both editions of DataFlex Reports can:

  • Create and modify Reports
  • Run reports on Windows and Web
  • Print Reports
  • Export Reports to PDF, CSV, Excel, HTML, Word (RTF) and pictures

In addition, the Developer Edition license allows:

  • Integration of reports in applications (DataFlex 16 and higher)
  • Creation of Runtime Datasources
  • Royalty-free distribution of reports with the DataFlex Reports runtime for Windows desktop applications
  • With the additional cost Web Deployment License, distribution of reports from server-based web applications
  • Lock reports based on a developer defined password

A license is required for each person developing and directly executing DataFlex Reports. Windows desktop application users running embedded DataFlex reports created with the Developer Edition do not require an additional license.

For report deployment on a web server, a DataFlex Reports Web Deployment License is required. The Web Deployment License entitles you to execute DataFlex Reports "Report Definition Files" (.DRs) on one web server or one virtual web server instance and to publish, distribute or otherwise deliver Reports via the internet from the licensed server or server instance.

See the DataFlex Reports License Agreement for complete details of usage and deployment entitlements.