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Note: To download software, you must have an active Data Access ID. If you do not have one, you will be prompted to register for a Data Access ID in the dialog that pops up after following the download link.

DataFlex Personal

A free, fully functional DataFlex product suite that includes a Studio, 3-user Windows Client, WebApp Server and SQL database drivers for developing and deploying personal, non-commercial web, mobile or Windows applications. Learn more about DataFlex Personal!

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DataFlex Studio

For professional application developers; includes the web, mobile and Windows framework, a variety of development tools and utilities, sample applications, a WebApp Server for development and testing and a 3-user "Windows Client Engine" with SQL database drivers.

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DataFlex WebApp Server

The DataFlex web application execution engine. Includes various utilities, the embedded database and optional SQL database connectivity.

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DataFlex Windows Client Engine

The complete component set for running DataFlex applications in Windows Desktop environments. Includes various utilities, the embedded database and optional SQL database connectivity.

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DataFlex Reports

The DataFlex Reports Standard edition is meant for end-users who want to create and run their own reports. Reports can be created from any SQL DBMS as well as the embedded DataFlex database. Each DataFlex Reports Standard license is for one individual user.

The DataFlex Reports Developer edition can do the same as the Standard edition, but it is developed with the software developer in mind. As a developer you can create and integrate reports in your application. In case of Windows applications, the reports and the appropriate runtime components, can be distributed freely along with your application.

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DataFlex SQL Driver Updates

DataFlex SQL Drivers provide DataFlex Studio, Windows and Web Clients and WebApp Server with connectivity to Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, and via ODBC, other database servers, such as MySQL, PostgreSQL and Oracle, and data sources, such as Excel and ASCII files, Outlook and more. From the button below, you will have access to the latest builds of DataFlex SQL drivers intended to be used to update existing DataFlex SQL driver environments.

All DataFlex installations include a complete set of the most current SQL Drivers as of the time of release. To determine if you should upgrade your installation, see the ReadMe included with the update. In it, you will find a list of recent DataFlex releases and their respective drivers. You can also determine the driver revisions installed in your DataFlex environments by clicking Help | About | System Information in the Studio. Unless you have specific reason not to, we recommend that you update your installation to the latest SQL driver version available.

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