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DataFlex SQL Connectivity Kit Features

Here are just some of the many capabilities that DataFlex SQL Connectivity Kits (CKs) offer:

  • Support for the latest SQL DBMS versions: Microsoft SQL Server (2017 or higher), IBM DB2 (v10.5 or higher), including the FREE Express editions, as well as MySQL, MariaDB, Amazon Aurora,  and ODBC compliant data sources (Oracle, Access, Excel, etc.)
  • Automatic Data Type Mapping: support for all MS-SQL and DB2 data types with the flexibility to configure/change the default mappings to DataFlex types to accommodate special requirements.
  • Auto-reconnect: insulates the application and automatically recovers from unavoidable network mishaps - eliminating support calls and manual intervention.
  • Record/Row Locking: with the embedded DataFlex DBMS table locking allows only one user at a time to write data to a table; using the CK w/SQL DBMS, multiple users can concurrently write data to the same table(s).
  • Transactional Integrity: built-in support for transactions with automatic retry, deadlock detection and roll-back.
  • Compatibility: embedded DataFlex tables, CK-converted SQL tables, and existing “standard” SQL tables.
  • Embedded SQL: opens a world of performance and functional enhancements via optional, simple programming.
  • Parameterized Queries: embedded SQL queries that can contain parameters set at runtime.
  • Multiple Cursor Types: Forward Only, Dynamic, Static and Keyset Driven.
  • API-enabled Runtimes: isolate application code from the back-end database/CK combination.
  • Data Conversion Wizards: automate data conversion, fast and effortlessly.
  • Server-side Restructuring: executes changes to indices and column structure extremely fast, even on open tables when adding, changing or removing indices and appending new columns.
  • Selective Column Fetching and JIT Binding: for the utmost in performance tuning.
  • SQL Filters: trivial-to-implement, server-side processing of data constraints for dramatic performance boost.
  • Forward / Block Cursors: built-in, automatic performance optimization on find operations.
  • Redirected Connections & Managed Connection IDs: simplify deployment of multi-company and/or multi-database applications.
  • Sophisticated Functionality: a wide array of advanced functional- and performance-related items beyond the scope of this document, many of which require no additional programming and others requiring very modest programming or configuration changes to use.

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