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DataFlex SQL Connectivity Kits

Applications built with DataFlex can be easily deployed on the SQL DBMS of your choice with Connectivity Kits. The kits enable connecting to different databases transparently without code changes. They also include wizards to migrate your data without programming.

DataFlex SQL Connectivity Kits are available for Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2 Universal Database, and any ODBC-enabled data source (Oracle, MySQL, Excel, etc.).

What is a Connectivity Kit?

Benefits – for both developers and users.

Features – just some of the exciting capabilities the DataFlex SQL Connectivity Kits deliver!

Success Stories - read about successful implementations of the DataFlex Connectivity Kits!

How do I access these features and gain these benefits?

  • No programming changes are required, just install the driver and convert the data!
  • Optional programming changes can leverage use of SQL-specific capabilities.
  • Optional configuration of driver settings can leverage advanced functionality.