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SQL Benefits with DataFlex Applications

There are numerous benefits for both users and application developers who deploy their applications with today’s leading SQL database servers and DataFlex SQL Connectivity Kits:

  • Extends product life: by using modern, standards-based, universally recognized DBMS back-ends running on LANs, WANs and in the Cloud.
  • Wide range of databases from which to choose: DataFlex SQL Connectivity Kits include drivers and/or configurations for Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, MariaDB, Amazon Aurora, IBM DB2, and any ODBC-enabled data source including Oracle, Excel, Access and more.
  • Application integration: integrate with data from non-DataFlex applications, nearly all of which use SQL databases.
  • Leverages other tools: a vast array of modern 3rd party products will work with your application’s database.
  • Extends the range of the DataFlex language: leverage your programming skills with existing and ubiquitous SQL databases.
  • Improved performance: SQL DBMS engines are optimized for multi-user performance of transactional applications in ways beyond the reach of obsolete file-based, file share data managers.
  • Rock-solid reliability and database integrity: modern SQL DBMS servers do not suffer from the relative fragility of file based systems, especially over LANs, WANs and Wi-Fi connections.
  • Security: your application gains the robust enterprise-level security advantages of modern SQL DBMS engines.
  • Scalability: your application’s potential to scale becomes virtually unlimited.
  • Administration/Maintenance: make your life easier to administer, maintain and support your application with the built-in tools and 3rd party products for SQL DBMS engines.
  • Consistency: your application will work consistently across all back-ends using Data Access Worldwide’s DataFlex SQL Connectivity Kits.

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