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DataFlex Studio License Options

Your options for using a newly installed DataFlex Studio

Upon installation, DataFlex Studio is licensed to function in a time-limited evaluation mode. After 60 days, the license expires and the Studio will stop functioning. You have 4 options:

1. Begin Commercial Evaluation Now!

Use DataFlex Studio as-is for commercial evaluation for 60 days. No further action is required – get started now and make sure to check out the DataFlex Learning Center - a rich library of materials that can help your evaluation succeed. If you have questions, contact us!

2. Request an Extended Evaluation

If you require more than 60 days for evaluation, request a DataFlex Personal license (see below). You can use it for non-production learning, application prototyping, development and testing for up to one year. Evaluation use Personal licenses are not renewable.

3. Request a free DataFlex Personal for non-commercial use

DataFlex Personal is a no-cost version of DataFlex Studio and limited deployment licenses usable for personal, non-commercial applications and Extended Evaluation. Learn more...

4. Register a fully functional, DataFlex Studio Commercial License

To remove the time and functional restrictions of non-commercial licenses, click "License Registration" on the Studio’s Help menu and enter the Serial Number, Company Name and Registration Code or use the "INI file" provided when you purchased your DataFlex Studio Commercial License. To buy a DataFlex Studio commercial license, contact us!