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Excited Developers Talk About DataFlex


Early adopters of DataFlex 2015/18.1 share their success...

 Peter Bragg, Care Data Systems

"The new DataFlex mobile framework is just fantastic. The fact that I could take our existing application of over 20 years Windows-only development and within less than a day be demonstrating how key data from that application could be brought up on a mobile device and amended as necessary is testament to just what a fantastic tool DataFlex 2015/18.1 really is... Time is money and the new mobile framework is going to save me heaps!” Read full story

Peter van Mil, Appvantage b.v.

“For me as a developer, DataFlex 18.1 is an evolution and it is a revolution -- that is, enhanced connectivity and the new mobile framework... I love the support for native SQL datatypes in the new DataFlex 2015 Studio... With the new mobile extensions in the DataFlex Framework, developers can build really distinctive applications.” Read full story

Jim Albright, Wizard Systems

“The completeness of the programming language and the support of the people at Data Access Worldwide are my two main reasons for sticking with DataFlex, with new features I never thought would be possible... The new DataFlex mobile web application development has surpassed my wildest expectations. Data Access has taken the guess work out of programming for laptops, tablets, and smart phones… The videos on mobile development have been like programmers’ candy... The help I’ve received from the technical support Forums have been my life preserver..." Read full story

Sture Andersen, Sture ApS

"I produced a fully functioning mobile module for our internal time billing system literally in a few hours... The combination of the visual designer and a (4GL) language tightly integrated with the database that makes the time from idea to functioning prototype really short." Read full story

Matthias Burkhardt, DATA PROJECT GmbH

“The new WebSetResponsive makes customizing our views a lot easier, and the new mobile design gives our WebApp that nice visual design, which users want from their mobile apps.” Read full story

David King, Wood Group PSN

"Over the past 3 weeks, I have developed a desktop style web application, which is a scaled down version of our 18.0 Windows Training Tracker system... The Studio has been a great tool, and as they say, everything just works." Read full story