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DataFlex 2023 Alpha 2 released; new features include simplified SQL Queries and more


DataFlex 2023 Alpha 2 has been released for developer testing and previewing of the new features added to this latest build!

DataFlex 2023 extends the DataFlex ecosystem by providing exciting new ways to build Windows user interfaces and much more natural ways to execute SQL statements.

Along with incremental bug fixes and continued improvements to the Alpha 1 release, the Alpha 2 build also includes:

  • CodeSense on SQL Queries: The studio will now help writing SQL queries by supplying CodeSense on your SQL statements when using @SQL strings in the language or when editing .sql files with the Query Tester.
  • Aligned multiline strings: When embedding foreign code like SQL, JavaScript or HTML into DataFlex code you can now use a new style of multiline strings that allows better alignment with the rest of your code without adding additional whitespace.
  • Customizable context menu for the WebList: The context menu available on the header of the cWebLists and cWebGrid can now be customized.
  • Improved Query Tester: Besides being extended with CodeSense, the Query Tester has been updated with the ability to show multiple result sets and can execute partial SQL statements by selecting text before executing.

In addition to these new features delivered in the Alpha 2 build, DataFlex 2023 also introduces FlexTron which brings Web views and controls into Windows applications for a more modern look and feel, or for just adding Web features to more mature Windows applications.

Forward-looking developers who seek to get an early preview of what’s coming in the next release of DataFlex are encouraged to download and install the Alpha 2 build of DataFlex 2023 and join the testing community!

The What’s New in DataFlex 2023 - Alpha 2 section of the Help details all the latest changes in this pre-release build.

The main highlights are also covered in the "What’s New in DataFlex 2023 (pre-release)" Learning Center course.

Help us to release the best business application development software possible by sharing your experiences in the DataFlex 2023 Testing forum!

Download DataFlex 2023 Alpha 2


DataFlex 2023 Alpha 2 released