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Support - Windows Terminal Services Support

DataFlex (and Visual DataFlex), as of revision 12.1, supports deployment of DataFlex Windows applications on Windows Terminal Services (WTS), which are now called Remote Desktop Services.

The following information about running Visual DataFlex applications on the WTS platform are organized in a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) style.

Q: Which WTS Server platforms are supported?
A: Windows Terminal Services 2003.

Q: Which WTS Client platforms are supported?
A: The same platforms on which the same version of DataFlex is normally supported. Check the Current Products List for this information.

Q: What versions or components of DataFlex are not supported on WTS?
A: Data Access’ formal support for WTS begins as of Visual DataFlex 12.1.  No version prior to 12.1 is supported on WTS, although many customers are using prior versions successfully on the platform. There are known issues with the obsolete WinPrint 1 when run on WTS.

Q: What components of Visual DataFlex are supported on WTS?
A: The DataFlex and Visual DataFlex 12.1 and later Client License for deployment of Windows applications.

Q: What rights are required on a Windows Server hosting WTS to install the DataFlex Client License?
A: The login used to install the DataFlex Client License must have administrative rights.

Q: What steps need to be taken to properly install the DataFlex Client License for use via WTS?
A: The DataFlex Client License must be installed via the ’Add/Remove Programs’ Windows Control Panel, not by simply executing the Client License Installation .exe file.

Q: What steps need to be taken to properly install a DataFlex Windows application for use via WTS?
A: The DataFlex application must be installed via the ’Add/Remove Programs’ Windows Control Panel. Other installation steps should be the same as for any Windows application. See the Microsoft documentation for installing applications on WTS and the ’Deploying Applications’ book in the DataFlex help for more information.

Q: Does Read Caching have to be disabled to use the embedded database with WTS?
A: No, since all transactions happen on the server, Windows client side read caching is not an issue.

Q: Do I have to set up permissions for Registry keys for my users after installing my application?
A: Not if the application was properly installed via Add/Remove Programs. This will also work for new users added after the DataFlex application was installed.

Q: What happens if a user closes his/her WTS client window instead of properly logging out of the WTS session?
A: This is a common issue with WTS. Users don’t realize that closing the WTS client keeps the session alive, which means that you have a user running the system even though they really aren’t. This can affect any application running on WTS. For DataFlex, this may mean that a user is running a DataFlex application and unknowingly uses up a DataFlex client license user count. The solution to this is for the user to log back into the session and exit the DataFlex application, or for an administrator to terminate the session from the server. Users should be educated about the proper way to exit WTS sessions.