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Mitsubishi Electric Asia SQL Success

Mitsubishi Electric AsiaWhen Mitsubishi East Asia Pacific needed to upgrade their DataFlex-powered Customer Service application to handle their growing data needs, general manager George Peng turned to Data Access Worldwide’s Professional Services to assist.

The project involved converting their very large embedded DataFlex database to Microsoft SQL Server, along with converting numerous DataFlex user interfaces, DataFlex Reports, and batch processes that integrate with the data. Among the numerous advantages gained by converting to SQL were dramatic performance improvements and reduced complexity resulting from carefully changing selected client-side business processes to high-performance, server-side, embedded SQL (ESQL) commands.

"We were familiar with the DataFlex embedded database already, however to handle our growing data needs, we decided to migrate to SQL. We found the migration exceptionally easy to achieve, as the DataFlex Studio seamlessly handles most of the movement to SQL. The outcome of using DataFlex SQL connectivity from Data Access has been most satisfying for us by reducing the complexity of our many large database tables and improving our use of the data, and ultimately productivity."

George Peng, General Manager
Customer Care & Technical Center, Living Environment Division
Mitsubishi Electric Asia Pte Ltd

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