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Datatech SQL Success

Datatech LogoDatatech supports agribusinesses across America with software designed specifically for farmers, labor contractors and fresh produce shippers and brokers, and has relied on DataFlex for all of their software development needs since 1992. During that time, they have deployed multiple back-end database scenarios, including first leveraging DataFlex connectivity with Pervasive PSQL in 2004 for a 50-client site, then in 2012 migrating their first customer to Microsoft SQL Server.

President Isaac Davidian says about the processes, "From our perspective, the most important factor in both installations were that the migration went smoothly, and we had no problems with the Connectivity Kit."

Datatech is committed to migrating all customers to SQL and "making a break" with the DataFlex embedded database. The company now requires Microsoft SQL Server connectivity on all new multi-user installations. Existing customers are migrated when they upgrade their servers beyond Window Server 2008 or Windows 7. Isaac estimates they’ve migrated 45% of their multi-user customers to MS-SQL using the DataFlex Connectivity Kit.

"We upgraded all of our DataFlex licenses, including single user, to include SQL Connectivity with the eventual goal of using it for all of our customers - single and multi-user. Bottom line, it just works."

No more registry settings!
"Using the Microsoft SQL Server Connectivity Kit, we have solved some corruption issues of a few customers using DataFlex files that we just could not solve with the opportunistic lock registry settings," Isaac says.

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