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Connectivity Kits v6 Features

Applications built with DataFlex Studio can be easily deployed on the DBMS of your choice. The tools allow not only for connecting fully tranparently, wihout needing code changes, they also include wizards that will migrate your data without programming.

The latest version, DataFlex Connectivity Kit v6, delivers...

  • Support for all MS SQL Server 2008/2012/2016 types, including the new date, datetime2, and time types
  • Support for all IBM DB2 10.1 types
  • Configurable mapping from DataFlex types to SQL types
  • Improved restructure logic
  • Auto-reconnect after lost connection

The DataFlex SQL Connectivity Kits version 6 contains the following:

  • Microsoft SQL Server Connectivity Kit 6.0
  • DB2 Connectivity Kit 6.0 for Windows
  • DB2 Connectivity Kit 6.0 for Linux
  • ODBC Connectivity Kit 6.0

What developers are saying...

"This is excellent news! A lot of long term wishes are implemented in this new version... it is well documented... just in time for DataFlex 17.1 and the new Web App Framework... [database] conversion is much better..."
Peter van Mil
Appvantage, The Netherlands