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Triumph 6.1 – The new wave in Triumph ERP technology


Triumph Business SystemsPerth, Western Australia’s, Triumph Business Systems has released Triumph ERP 6.1, the highly anticipate new version of their award-winning financial and management software system. Powered by DataFlex since 1987, Triumph Business Systems has become a leader in ERP software, with a strong network of dealers spanning Australia and thousands of users both nationally and internationally.

In development for more than two years, the new 6.1 version is based on the latest in software design techniques and technologies combined with extensive research into the needs of small and medium sized businesses.

Triumph ERP 6.1 introduced six new modules, growing the financial and management software package to a suite of 32 modules that offer mix-and-match flexibility, integration and functionality for users across a variety of industries. The new modules are:

  • Business Intelligence – Using Dynamic AI software from Data Access Worldwide, Triumph’s Business Intelligence module offers live, high-level information in interactive dashboards, reports, pivot tables and graphs that allow quick, progressive drill-downs from summaries to progressively more detailed information. Version 6.1’s Business Intelligence module enables Triumph ERP users to make better, faster decisions, spot trends and capitalize on opportunities.
  • Paperless Picking – This module increases warehouse pickers’ efficiency, accuracy, and control via the use of handheld mobile scanners that guide pickers through your warehouse, showing them what to pick all without a single piece of paper! A management dashboard provides full control over order priorities and who is picking what, as well as an overview of workload and performance.
  • Web Requisition –Triumph ERP’s latest module, Web Requisitions, allows authorized internal and external contacts anywhere in the world to securely create purchase requests. Most often, purchase requests will be for a job where specified materials and services are required at a customer location. Completed requests can be submitted for approval at the head office.
  • Inventory Scanning - Over the last few years, wireless, mobile and web-based technologies have introduced huge efficiencies for manufacturers’, distributors’ and retailers’ inventory management. Triumph has embraced these technologies in ERP 6.1 to deliver its own wireless mobile and web integrations for state-of-the-art inventory scanning processes.
  • Job Mobile – based on mobile and web technologies – the latest trend sweeping the business world today. From the beginning, Triumph ERP has aimed to provide the very best in ERP technology to users, at a price they can afford.
  • EDI – (Electronic Data Interchange) Triumph ERP’s EDI module offers the capacity for clients to electronically process and communicate secure transactions with major Australian retailers and with supplier’s worldwide.

"Our modular ERP software solutions are written in DataFlex and Dynamic AI, allowing Triumph Business Systems to grow as a company within the Asia-Pacific ERP software market," says Michael Macliver, Director of Triumph Business Systems.

"DataFlex’s continuous technical evolution ensures that our business application software is kept up-to-date and kept abreast of the functionality that the market expects. I highly recommend DataFlex and Dynamic AI as a platform for developing business application products."