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Data Access Football Pool


The Data Access football pool is open - play now!

2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup is Sunday, July 7 - USA vs the Dutch

Sunday, the USA team plays Europe (represented by the Dutch Team) in the FIFA Women’s World Cup finals. You are hereby invited to join the pool to predict the score for this final match!

Why should you join the pool?

Because it’s fun and you can win a dinner for two!

How do you win?

Your prediction has to match the score after 90 or 120 minutes. Penalties are not counted. We will raffle to determine the winner if there are multiple people from a region who predict the correct score. One winner will be selected from each region: Asia Pacific, Europe and the America’s. We will publish the names of the winners of each region on our website. Data Access Worldwide employees can participate but are excluded from the prizes.

Who pays for the dinner?

That depends on which team wins! If the Netherlands wins, the USA-based Data Access Corporation pays for your dinner. If the USA wins, Data Access Europe pays for your dinner.

How do I place my bet?

By clicking the button below. Good luck!