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DataFlex Platform Updates


Developers are encouraged to update their installations today and take advantage of the latest fixes and enhancements included in these latest builds!

Updates are now available for the DataFlex Platform, including the DataFlex 2021 Studio, DataFlex SQL Drivers, DataFlex Reports 2021, and the new Plato example DataFlex + MSSQL business app.

DataFlex 2021

DataFlex 2021 build 20.0.7 is an updated release that contains bug fixes for important issues reported by the development community. Check out the DataFlex 2021 Update Release Notes for complete information on the changes. In particular, there are two very important fixes in the SQL Drivers, a replacement for workstation setup for network installations, and some key fixes for the Web Framework.

Most of the issues addressed in this update are new to DataFlex 2021, so if you have already started migration or new project development, we strongly suggest you update to 20.0.7 before continuing. The updates are available as complete new installations (including the Studio, Server and Client installations) and replace the previous release builds (20.0.6).

For more details, read the DataFlex forum post.

DataFlex SQL Drivers

The DataFlex SQL Drivers include bug fixes and enhancements for the drivers originally published with the October build (19.1.58) of DataFlex 2019 Studio, Windows Clients and WebApp Server. Customers licensed for Connectivity Kits that have any DataFlex Connectivity Kit build prior to are encouraged to update to the latest version.

Read the DataFlex Connectivity forum post for more details.

DataFlex Reports 2021

An update to DataFlex Reports (build 8.0.1) was released on April 21, and delivers a number of fixes as well as several new features. The update contains changes to the Studio, OCX, Integration Library and Installer. DataFlex Reports is used by developers for seamless integration of operational reporting with their DataFlex applications

Read more about the update in this DataFlex Reports forum post.


Plato is an order handling system for a fictitious chrome plating shop that serves as an example of a DataFlex web application running against a Microsoft SQL Server backend. The sample app has been updated for compatibility with the latest DataFlex 2021 release. Read about what’s new and start experimenting to see how you can further advance your own application today!