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DataFlex 2017  / 19.0 Beta 2 Now Available


The Beta 2 build of DataFlex 2017 / 19.0 has been posted for developer preview and testing with your applications, including a redesigned Start Center and Dashboard in the Studio - check it out!

DataFlex 2017 includes many new features and improvements that make developing Windows, web and mobile applications easier and faster than ever - especially with SQL databases.

DataFlex 2017 / 19.0 delivers:

  • Web FrameworkDataFlex 2017 - Swipe Right Video
    • New Swipe control (video)
    • Server Web Properties
    • New controls including: Color Picker, List Menu, Floating Panels and many more.
  • For Windows applications
    • Improved DPI awareness for high resolution displays
    • Flat Style Icons
    • New Tabbed Workspaces
  • SQL and connectivity - extensive changes and enhancements for smooth, easy development and deployment such as...
    • Managed connections
    • Improved index support
    • Updated Connectivity Kits
  • DataFlex Studio
    • Modernized appearance and improved support for high resolution displays
    • New "Connect Wizard"
    • Integration of connectivity considerations throughout the Studio
  • Web Application Server 64-bit binaries (IIS 32-bit mode no longer required)
  • A new JSON Parser
  • And much, much more!

Complete details about DataFlex 2017 / 19.0 are included in the "What’s New" section of the Studio’s Help.

Join in the DataFlex 2017 / 19.0 Beta Testing today to download and try the new features and capabilities with your applications, and help us to deliver the best software possible!