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There are compatibility issues between the Codejock Controls and Internet Explorer 9 (IE9). Here is what we know about the issue and here is what we are doing to resolve it.

The Problem

Some of the Codejock controls, such as the docking panes and panels, use a painting optimization that does not work if the application is using IE9 as an embedded browser. The problem appears when you try to resize a docking pane - the application will either freeze or crash. This is a general problem with the Codejock control and is not limited to its use with VDF. Codejock reported this problem to Microsoft and had hoped that they might resolve it before final release. IE9 is now at the RC stage and the behavior persists. It may or may not change for the final release, but we are not hopeful.

Codejock modified their code to work around this problem and released this modification in 13.4.2. Therefore, if an application uses Codejock docking controls, COM or MFC, based on a revision of 13.4.1 or lower and that application uses IE9, there will be problems. If you are using 13.4.2 or you are not using IE9, everything is fine.

Your Deployed VDF Applications

Based on our testing, there are no issues with the controls that we include in VDF - Commandbars, Skinning or ReportControl. If you are using our classes, everything will work fine with IE9. If you have purchased and are using additional Codejock controls, you may have a problem.

If you are using the Codejock docking panes/panels in your application (e.g., the Codejock SIG library) and your application embeds the COM IE browser and IE9 is installed on the deployed machine, you are going to have problems.

If this is the case, you have two choices:

1. Tell your users to not install IE9 (yes, this is hard to control).

2. Upgrade your Codejock controls and classes to 13.4.2.

You can upgrade the Codejock controls to run with your current VDF revision. This will have no effect on the VDF classes (commandbar menus, skinning, report control, etc.) which will continue to use the Codejock controls shipped with that revision of VDF. If you do upgrade to 13.4.2, you may have an issue with the Codejock ReportControl. Codejock made a change in the 13.4.2 ReportControl that alters focus change notifications, which is discussed here and is fixed in VDF 16.1. If you are using their ReportControl (e.g. the SIG cSigCjReportControl class), take note. Actually this change may or may not matter in your application.

Therefore the best solution is to upgrade to 13.4.2 and to upgrade to VDF 16.1.

Once again, it should be restated that this is only an issue if your application uses the Codejock docking panes and it uses an embedded IE9 browser. We expect that this eliminates most applications.

The VDF Studio

The Studio uses docking panes and it uses a browser in the Start Center and we do have a problem. Here are your options:

1. Use VDF16.1 - as of beta 1, we have upgraded our internal use to 13.4.2. It works.


2. Don't install IE9 on your development machine. As a developer, you have a bit more control over your own computer.


3. Disable the Start Center. If the IE9 control is not activated, there are no problems. To do this:

- Load the Studio
- If the Start Center is open, immediately close it
- Select the "Tools | Configure Studio" menu option
- In the "General" tab page, uncheck "Open Start Center when starting the Studio"
- On the same page, check the "Load Previous Workspace when starting the Studio" option -- if the Studio is loaded without a workspace, it will always bring up the Start Center.
- Select the "Ok" button.

Because the Studio remembers its last startup, the Start Center still may appear when you change workspaces. If this happens, close it before you attempt to resize anything and it will not come back.

Let us know if you have any questions.

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