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Article Title BUG: Quotes inside of quotes do not work with Constrain command
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Date Created 12/23/2002
Last Edit Date 10/17/2003

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Double quotes do not work in OnConstrain events. Here are 2 examples:

1. A selection list with a constrain clause in the DD:

    Procedure OnConstrain
      String sTest
      Move ' "ABC" ' to sTest
      Forward Send OnConstrain
      Constrain BA0086.AUFTRAG_NR   eq sTest

2. In the second example Single holds 1 ASCII character:

for_all customer by index.1 //all Customers by Name
constrain Customer.Single eq '"'
//eq (Character(34)) doesn't work either
//eq sChar (where sChar = character(34))also doesn't work.
showln customer.Name

In each of these examples, the runtime error: Bad format of expression (operator). Error number 52 is generated.

The expression parser of VDF cannot handle nested double quotes, so avoid using those. What happens in the examples above is that the value being evaluated (for example "ABC") is treated as a string literal. As such, it receives another set of quotes (i.e. now it looks like ""ABC""). Since nested double quotes are illegal, the expression parser generates the error.

Use Constrain As instead of Constrain. Example 1. above would have
      Constrain BA0086.AUFTRAG_NR eq sTest
changed to
      Constrain BA0086 as (BA0086.AUFTRAG_NR eq sTest)

Contributed By:
Peter Bosch
Company: info trans Logistik Systems GmbH

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