Bug 4127: Visual Designer does not show what we see when running the application

Product: Dataflex 12.0
Component: Studio
Current status: Fixed/Implemented
Fixed in Build: and component revision 12.1.40 on 07/05/2007 in file n/a
Logged by: Marcia Booth on 12/22/2006
Last edited by: Dennis Piccioni on 07/06/2007
Reported by:
First reported in: Visual Dataflex 12.0
Tested by: Dennis Piccioni on 07/06/2007 using build and component build

Bug Text
In my application all Containers (dbContainer3d & Container3d) are using Border_Style = Border_StaticEdge.

Under VDF 11.1, the Studio is showing the correct border style. However, under VDF 12.0 the Studio doesn't show the correct border style -- we see it only at runtime.

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