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Introducing FlexLinks!

May 19,2016
By Brienne M. Casanave

FlexLinks LogoThis month we proudly released our new, fully-responsive website – a fresh, clear communication of our message, our products, and our brand. And, we’re not done with our planned changes! Today, we are introducing our new email communication concept, FlexLinks!

FlexLinks is one more step in a continuing effort to provide easily accessible information for our customers, and to fully embrace and showcase the content and features of the new website. Up until now we delivered information to our customers via the eNews newsletter. eNews issue number 212 was our last. We’re very proud of the success of that periodical, and all of the wonderful stories we communicated through it over the years. But, those valuable stories always remain in eNews.

Today, with FlexLinks, we launch a new concept where our email newsletter will contain brief summaries of the new content published on and links to it. FlexLinks’ summaries will link to the full news articles, blogs, product release announcements, videos and more on the website.

With FlexLinks, you will get a brief look at everything that we’re doing in an easily understandable, summarized format. And, when you want to know more you can click through to get the full story, and we sincerely hope you do! See you online!