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Using INI Files

Registering Your DataFlex License with an INI File

When you receive an invoice for a DataFlex product, it will have an INI file attached for each license purchased.

INI files are used to quickly and accurately register your licenses. They are named according to the type of license purchased:

  • A DataFlex Studio License for SN number 123456 will be: DataFlex Studio License_123456.ini
  • A DataFlex Client License for SN number 123456 will be: DataFlex Client License_123456.ini
  • A DataFlex Server License for SN number 123456 will be: DataFlex Server License_123456.ini

To register a DataFlex 2017/19.0 or later license(s) with an INI file(s):

  1. On a local drive, save the INI file(s) enclosed in the email from Data Access. You may want to establish a permanent folder for all of your DataFlex INI files to make them easier to find and reuse in the future
  2. Start the DataFlex Registration Program via Start > DataFlex 2017 19.x > Register DataFlex
  3. In the Registration Program, click on the “Import from INI” button and then select the INI file for the license you want to register in the folder to which you saved it. This will immediately populate the registration information forms at the top of the program.
  4. Click "Register" to complete the process and you’re done!

To register a pre-DataFlex 2017 license(s) with an INI file(s), copy the Serial Number, Registration Name and Registration Code from the INI file and paste the copied values into the appropriate fields and click "Register" to complete the process.