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Grasp Software releases version 3 of Women In Safe Housing (W.I.S.H.) app for domestic violence shelters and service agencies.
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 "Visual DataFlex has been the lifeblood of our organization and is central to all of our products.” Mike Cooper, Grasp Software Corporation

Grasp Software Corporation is a small IT shop based in Demorestville, Ontario, Canada, that makes a big impact not just directly on their customers, but also on the delivery of social services for the public at large.

Grasp’s 20 years of experience creating solutions has “taught us how to listen to our customers,” says company president Mike Cooper. The company began with their Grasp accounting solution built on DataFlex 3.01b in 1992, and has since evolved to offer a diverse suite of Windows and Web solutions powered by Visual DataFlex, including their Women in Safe Housing (W.I.S.H.), Visual Grasp Accounting Software, VG-CRM, GraspWEB, VG Canadian Payroll solutions, Case Journals 101 Counseling Software, and others.

Grasp’s W.I.S.H. application is designed to manage the day-to-day client based activities of shelters, providing access to critical client information and accumulation of statistical data. The W.I.S.H Shelter Manager is designed for use in shelters which provide service both to in-shelter and out-of-shelter women in abuse crisis. It tracks crisis calls and interventions, service given, referrals to/from and programs attended, both from the perspective of client involvement for ongoing case management and for statistical purposes.

“I have been very fortunate to serve the needs of organizations engaged in the ongoing fight against domestic violence and violence against women,” Mike says.

One of the goals of W.I.S.H. has always been to provide a robust yet user-friendly data collection tool designed to streamline the tasks of both the frontline and administrative teams at shelters and transition houses, allowing the time saving to be put back to use serving the direct needs of clients. In addition to that, any ongoing support or maintenance had to be both easy to navigate and affordable.

 Women In Safe Housing (W.I.S.H.) Version 3 is released by Grasp Software Corporation.
Grasp’s W.I.S.H. application
is designed to manage the
day-to-day client based
activities of shelters, providing
access to critical client
information and accumulation
of statistical data.



Grasp Software Corporation’s Mike Cooper. 
“I have been very fortunate to
serve the needs of organizations
engaged in the ongoing fight
against domestic violence and
violence against women,” says
Grasp Software’s Mike Cooper.

Since the software’s introduction in 2001 Mike has remained connected with his users through personal visits and interactions with more than 70 shelters operating in Ontario, Manitoba and British Columbia who use W.I.S.H. Through these interactions, Mike has refined and enhanced the application, culminating in the release of W.I.S.H. version 3 in September (news | video).

Grasp’s typical customers are smaller businesses and not-for-profit organizations, typically with 1-30 users and fewer than 100 employees. (Meet Grasp’s customers in these YouTube videos.)

Mike relies on Visual DataFlex and the VDF Web Application Server for Windows and Web application development and deployment, and augments his development efforts with 3rd party solutions such as List & Label, MailBee, SftButton, ImageX, and PolarSpellchecker.

“Whenever I tried to get ‘into’ another product, I found too many difficulties or undesirable results,” he says.

With regard to quantifiable ROI gained from using the Visual DataFlex framework, Mike says, “The ability to quickly port code between Visual DataFlex Windows and Web App applications is certainly beneficial, as well as the backward compatibility that allows me to easily ‘borrow’ code from other apps I have written. The Developer Forums have also been invaluable in getting work pushed through quickly.”

Mike sums up his decision to develop Windows and Web applications with Visual DataFlex by saying, “I found it easy to learn and very, very stable in larger environments. I first started using Data Access products back in 1987. I have found that DAW has remained consistent and professional in all of my dealings for the entirety of my working relationship with them.

“The biggest thing for me is knowing that the Visual DataFlex product line is Data Access Worldwide. My investment in Visual DataFlex and time spent building the relationship with Data Access won’t be lost because of a change of focus from a disconnected divisional head. The people are real and the focus is singular.

“DataFlex and Visual DataFlex have been the lifeblood of our organization and central to all of our products. Although we have looked at other products, the ability to make the Visual DataFlex tools work within our means has made it the only development platform that we have used.

“Our users are often saying how they notice how very little attention the apps need compared to other applications that they are running in their job, or have run at other places of employment.”

Visit Grasp Software Corporation.

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