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CA Behavioral Healthcare agencies select Anasazi Software powered by Visual DataFlex.
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With the recent addition of the County of San Diego’s 3,000+ users to their client roster, Anasazi Software continues to be the market leader that public and non-profit agencies, behavioral healthcare and social service organizations depend on for superior software and service.

The County of San Diego has become Anasazi Software’s newest customer in the company’s ever growing California family of clients, and will be implementing Anasazi’s Client Data System, Assessment System, Treatment Plan System, Scheduling System, Cost Accounting System, Managed Care System, and the Doctor’s Homepage – all built on the Visual DataFlex® Windows and Web application development framework.

Anasazi’s CEO Eric Morris says about the deal, "We are thrilled to welcome the County of San Diego to our growing customer base, whose selection of Anasazi Software attests to the excellence of the Data Access organization and product suite, and is a tribute to the gifts and dedication of all the members of the Anasazi team. Thanks to all!"

Mr. Morris also serves as Anasazi’s lead software designer, and he has long relied on the Visual DataFlex for developing their broad suite of enterprise level software solutions.

Mr. Morris says that "developing a lot of software really fast and easy" would not have been possible without Visual DataFlex, and that the cost savings associated with using the Visual DataFlex framework is key to separating Anasazi from its competitors.

"Our capital outlay for the development of a broad enterprise level product suite is far below what is common in the industry," he says.

Anasazi Software - Powered by Visual DataFlex!



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 Anasazi Software’s Doctor’s Homepage application.
Anasazi Software’s Doctor’s Homepage
application utilizes Visual DataFlex’s
integrated Codejock components
to deliver state-of-the-art user
interfaces in the company’s software
for behavioral healthcare

The County of San Diego is a provider and managed care authority for behavioral health and substance abuse. With a total annual operating budget of $212,000,000 and over 3,000 users, the County is one of the largest providers of behavioral health care services in the country.

In November of 2005, the County of San Diego began reviewing numerous RFP responses from software vendors from around the country to replace several outdated systems. After an extensive search and comprehensive software demonstrations, the County found Anasazi Software to best meet their needs.

“Anasazi’s flexibility and willingness to adapt their system to meet our County’s needs was demonstrated in the detailed and comprehensive implementation plan they assisted us with developing," said a county spokesperson. "They offered extensive consultation to facilitate the organizational transformation process/business decisions and made realistic recommendations regarding resources needed for implementation.”

Anasazi’s commitment and delivery of mission critical California functionality has propelled them to great success in the State of California, with a total of 4,650+ users in 13 agencies in the state relying on the company’s software solutions. Overall, 127 regional healthcare agencies across the U.S. now depend on Anasazi’s behavioral healthcare applications for managing their client and financial data.

About Anasazi Software
With over 17 years of experience, Anasazi Software seeks to provide superior, custom software and exceptional service to behavioral health and social service professionals who need real-time access to client and financial data. Anasazi provides specialized applications for Client Data, Assessment, Treatment Planning, Scheduling, Managed Care, Fiscal, Human Resources, and Cost Accounting, and supports Pervasive.SQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and Oracle client/server databases. The company is located in Phoenix, Arizona and employs 60 staff.

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