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Customer Support - Submitting Suggestions & Bugs

We welcome product suggestions and bug reports from customers. Our tracking system facilitates submitting suggestions and bug reports, viewing existing suggestions and bugs and performing suggestion and bug searches on-line. Resources are:

Submit a Suggestion or Bug - To avoid duplications, please view the List Reports to check for existing reports before submitting a new one.

List Reports - List bugs according to the options you select.

Search Reports - Perform text searches for bugs and suggestions on various Data Access products.

View a Specific Suggestion or Bug - View the status of a specific bug using its BugTracker ID number

When bugs in Current Products are reported, Data Access will attempt to confirm the bug in the latest release of the product.

  • If testing validates a bug report, the bug is logged as "Confirmed" in Bug Tracker
  • Confirmed bugs are candidates to be fixed in a future product revision
  • For selected, confirmed bugs, workarounds are created and published in Bug Tracker.
  • If testing does not validate that a bug exists in the latest release and it was reported in an earlier but still current release, we will go back to the revision it was reported on to verify it. If the bug is verified there, it is logged as "Confirmed" and marked as fixed in the latest release.

Bug status information assists developers using a current product revision and identifies how the bug is addressed in the current release (i.e., it was specifically fixed or simply doesn’t happen due to other product changes). Reported bugs that do not exist in a Current Product are unlikely to be verified, fixed or receive a workaround in the revision in which it was reported.