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Dynamic AI - Overview
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Dynamic AI for Business Intelligence!

Dynamic AI features a unique access and delivery system, design system, data integration features, application integration capability, 100% thin-client, web browser-based support, and affordability.

To Make Qualified Decisions, you need Fast, Easy Access to Information...

  • Your company’s IT systems store large amounts of data in a variety of sources: application databases, data warehouses, CRM systems and more.
  • To effectively control your business and capitalize on opportunities, you need a single, on-demand resource to aggregate and present data so you can see precise, timely business information.

With Dynamic AI, your Web Browser Becomes the Window on your World of Information...

  • See summaries, dashboards, alerters, reports, drilldowns, forms, pivot tables, lists, interactive queries and more instantly with only a Web browser, your data and Dynamic AI! (View screen shots in a new window.)

Visit to:

  • Read the Highlights about the extensive features delivered with Dynamic AI for Business Intelligence, including:
    • Dynamic AI Benefits
    • Dynamic & Automated Intelligence Features
    • Why Choose Dynamic AI?
    • Security Features
  • Get a a complete Overview of Dynamic AI for your Business Intelligence and Reporting needs, including:
    • Background
    • Technical Characteristics
    • Join-builder and dynamic SQL
    • Distributed development and customization
    • From Ad-hoc to Drag-drop manipulation
    • Dynamic AI output options
    • Application Integration
    • Mobile devices and Dynamic AI
      • IPhone/IPod Touch
  • Learn about the Support Forum and:
    • Download the Dynamic AI Quick Start Guide (English, Danish, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish) and other resources.
    • Get information about online help and training.
  • Watch Dynamic AI TV’s short videos and learn more about:
    • Automated Intelligence - With just a click of a mouse, Dynamic AI will automatically create reports for you based on the contents of a data source!
    • How to connect to Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle databases.
    • How to use drag drop actions to create and manipulate report.
    • How to use the Dynamic AI Join-builder.
    • ... and many more!
  • Read Success Stories featuring current users of Dynamic AI.
  • Compare Editions and learn more about each:
  • Contact Us for an evaluation version of Dynamic AI and begin to explore how its automated Business Intelligence technologies make it easy to deliver real-time dashboards, querying, reporting and analysis to key decision makers and business users – fast!


Dynamic AI provides users with fast and flexible reporting, controlling and budgeting solutions on top of existing databases and data warehouses.
With Dynamic AI users can
generate their own
dashboards and alerts!


Learn more by watching Dynamic AI TV!
Watch Dynamic AI TV
and learn more about
Automated Intelligence®, connecting to Microsoft
SQL Server and Oracle
databases, and


Dynamic AI is available in Server and Enterprise Editions.

Dynamic AI is available in
Server and Enterprise 


View Dynamic AI reports on your iPhone!
View Dynamic AI reports on
your iPhone!




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