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IBM DB2 Connectivity Kit for Windows and Linux
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IBM DB2 Connectivity KitThe IBM DB2 Connectivity Kit enables developers to use IBM's top ranked DB2 Universal Database with Visual DataFlex, DataFlex and Web Application Server solutions.

The Connectivity Kit includes database drivers and file conversion utilities to migrate application data to DB2 databases, as well as numerous performance optimizations and support for Embedded SQL.

Connectivity Kits v5 Features:

Faster Performance — several changes to the design of the Connectivity Kits has rendered measurable speed improvements. Users should test the new drivers to evaluate actual performance increases with their systems, data and applications.

Improved Locking Mechanism — provides more control over Deadlocks and Timeouts.

Silent Login — a new option that allows programmatic control over invalid login information without desktop interaction for configurations where a user dialog is not needed or desired.

Redirectable Connection — allows changing an open database connection to point to a different database that is identical to the definition of the initial database connection.

DataFlex Connection IDs — this new concept provides a way to give a connection string a logical identification. When specifying the connection in applications, the logical identification is used rather than the actual connection string. This allows a setup where a program uses the same set of tables in multiple databases to only have one set of intermediate files. This technique can greatly simplify deploying an application with a Client/Server database.

Support for Express Connectivity — Connectivity Kits version 5 includes Express Connectivity - a special, no-entry-cost Connectivity Kit license for deployment only with a commercial Visual DataFlex Client License and a free "Express" SQL server. Microsoft, IBM and Oracle now offer free "Express" versions of their world-class SQL servers. These high-performance, highly reliable database products are ideally suited for use with Visual DataFlex and DataFlex for Linux solutions in many small and medium sized businesses. With Express Connectivity, when small user-count Visual DataFlex and DataFlex solutions are deployed on an Express SQL server, there is no initial connectivity kit license cost. The only cost to the customer is a small increment in their next annual subscription fee. Read more about Express Connectivity.

Read What's New in Version 5 (PDF).

What's New in Revision 4.1
Revision 4.1 delivers better performance, stability and support for IBM DB2, an industry leading client/server solution that powers many Visual DataFlex applications. This latest Connectivity Kit includes many enhancements and fixes, including support for Record Identity Hiding for developing database independent software, Server Side Restructuring for faster copy operations when a table definition is changed, Structure_End Rollback Support that enables rollback of changes made to the database definition if a failure occurs, a new Record Identity Method attribute that replaces the old Primary_Index_Trigger setting, case insensitive indexes, support for read only columns, and much more!

The DataFlex Connectivity Kit for IBM DB2 is available in user increments of 5, 10, 20, 25, 50, 100 and Unlimited.

Developers distributing the DB2 Connectivity Kit with their applications must purchase licenses for each deployment sites. For more information on pricing and licensing please contact

Download the latest IBM DB2 Connectivity Kit for Windows or for Linux from our ftp site, and install it for a 60 day evaluation.

You may also connect to the Data Connectivity Web Forum for the latest information on the Connectivity Kits at



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