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Technical White Papers
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Data Access Worldwide offers a selection of technical papers which covers a wide variety of subjects, all pertaining to programming in Visual DataFlex, DataFlex or WebApp Server.

If you have a paper that you want to submit for publication, please send it by e-mail to By submitting a paper for publication, you grant Data Access the right to publish it in any form without remuneration. Data Access Worldwide provide full authorship credit, however, once published on the web site, the material becomes property of Data Access Worldwide to reprint as needed. Data Access Worldwide retains the right to accept or reject submitted technical papers.

See the Development Team Blog and Knowledge Base for more technical articles.


Opportunistic Locking & Read Caching on Microsoft Windows Networks
Updated: 09/2013
Summary: Improperly configured Windows networks can lead to data corruption in any file system database, including the embedded (DataFlex) database. Two Windows networking behaviors, opportunistic locking (on Windows servers) and read caching (on Windows clients) are sources for corruption potential. This paper is provided for Data Access Worldwide (DAW) customers to discuss these behaviors, their effects and what can be done to minimize the chances of data corruption on Windows networks when running Visual DataFlex (VDF) and/or DataFlex applications, and to centralize this information in one convenient place.

Using Microsoft SQL Server with Visual DataFlex
Publication Date: May 21, 2009
Summary: This paper describes the concepts behind and the tasks involved with using Visual DataFlex with Microsoft SQL Server.

Getting the most from Visual DataFlex Studio
Publication date: 2/2007
Summary:This paper provides recommendations that will help you understand how Visual DataFlex Studio works and how to configure it for maximum performance and productivity.

Migrating Applications to Visual DataFlex 12
Publication date: 2/2007
Summary:provides guidance to developers on how to migrate their existing Visual DataFlex applications to Visual DataFlex 12.0.

Using Crystal Connectivity Kit with Crystal Reports XI Server Edition
Publication date: 7/2005
Summary:This paper will show you how to configure Crystal Reports XI Server Edition to successfully run reports that access DataFlex embedded database tables.

Troubleshooting and Debugging Visual DataFlex 9.1 Web Applications
Publication date: 2/2004
Summary:This paper will show you: How to debug ASP scripting code and Visual DataFlex code in VDF Web Applications; Where to find more information than meets the eye if you encounter problems with Web Applications; & How to deal with common Web Application errors.

Deploying Visual DataFlex 9.1 Applications
Publication date: 2/2004
Summary: This paper discusses installation and deployment of Visual DataFlex 9.1 Windows and Web applications.

Microsoft Common Controls via FlexCOM 2 - part 1
Publication date: 1/2004
Summary: This white paper is the first one in a series that was written to demonstrate the usage of FlexCOM2. To learn more about COM and Visual DataFlex a hands on training is available, contact your local Data Access representative.


Getting the Most Out of the VDF 9.1 Sample Applications
Publication date: 12/2003
Summary: The VDF 9.1 sample applications demonstrate many useful features and methods that developers want to incorporate into their applications. This paper tells you where in the samples specific features and techniques are used.

Converting DataFlex Files to Microsoft SQL Server
Publication date: 06/2003
Summary: The goal of this document is to help you through the process of converting DataFlex files to Microsoft SQL Server tables, consolidating in one place the information necessary for the first steps of a migration process. Ultimately, it should help you in the process by laying out guidelines on how to get you started and what to watch out for. This is a work in progress.


Migrating from DataFlex to Visual DataFlex
Publication date: 02/2003
Summary: Migrating to Visual DataFlex is an important document that takes developers through the necessary steps to write successful database applications in the Windows environment. More importantly, it answers the most commonly asked questions and quells fears developers may have about moving into the Windows environment, by dealing with issues completely, but succinctly.


Deploying VDF 9 Applications
Publication date: 04/2003
Summary: This paper discusses installation of Visual DataFlex 9 applications on client computers.



Getting the Most Out of the VDF 9 Sample Applications
Publication date: 04/2003
Summary: The VDF 9 sample applications demonstrate many useful features and methods that developers want to incorporate into their applications. This paper tells you where in the samples specific features and techniques are used.

Subclassing in the Visual DataFlex IDE
Publication date: 02/2003
Summary: This new white paper has been written around a new wizard written for Visual DataFlex 8.3 that allows you to subclass one or more IDE registered subclasses. The white paper discusses how classes are built in DataFlex code and in IDE code. Instead of creating your own class package and IDE support files, the available wizard can be used.


Extended About and System Dialogs
Publication date: 02/2003
Summary: A Windows application should have an About dialog that displays information about the application to the user. Since the release of Visual DataFlex 4.0 in 1996, Data Access provided a package called dfabout.pkg that can be used for this purpose. This whitepaper shows a newer version of the About and System Information dialogs that you can include in your Visual DataFlex application. The new code is fully IDE compliant which makes the dialogs easy to maintain and change.


Dynamic dbGrid Objects: How Do They Do That?
Publication date: 10/2002
Summary: This white paper demonstrates how to create dynamic dbGrid objects, like the one used to display data in the Visual DataFlex Database Explorer utility. Working sample source code is attached to the white paper.

Getting the Most Out of the VDF 8 Sample Applications
Publication date: 09/2002
Summary: Visual DataFlex 8.2 comes with more up-to-date sample applications than any previous version of Visual DataFlex (VDF). These sample applications demonstrate many useful features and methods that developers want to incorporate into their applications. This paper tells you where in the samples specific features and techniques are used. Some of the techniques described here are new to revision 8.2.

Compatibility Issues Between DataFlex Databases and Databases Accessed Through CLI Based Connectivity Kits Version 2.1
Publication date: 09/2002
Summary: This document describes compatibility issues that may exist when an application written in DataFlex uses a database accessed through one of the CLI (Call Level Interface) based Connectivity Kits. Analysis and comparison against DataFlex database is made throughout the white paper.

Upgrading to DataFlex 3.2
Publication date: 09/2002
Summary: This paper discusses the tasks involved in upgrading to DataFlex 3.2 from prior character-mode DataFlex revisions. One of the focus points of the paper is troubleshooting; how to avoid future problems and how to solve current ones. The paper also discusses issues such as improved multiuser code checking and migrating to Linux and Unix platforms.

The VDF Status Panel; What It Is and How to Customize it
Publication date: 08/2002
Summary: The VDF Status Panel is used by both the Report and the BusinessProcess classes to enable user interface for these processes. The user is able to view the progress of, and to cancel, the process. The Help files and the product documentation describe how to use this status panel with reports and business processes. This White Paper goes beyond that to describe what is going on behind the scenes. It also describes how to create your own status panels that have the customized characteristics your application may require.

Enumerating Resources Included in Visual DataFlex 8.2 and higher Applications
Publication date: 08/2002
Summary: This white paper shows you how to determine what resources (bitmaps and icons) are included in Visual DataFlex 8.2 applications by building a resource editor for this specific purpose.

Deploying Visual DataFlex 8 Applications
Publication date: 07/2002
Summary: This paper discusses installation of Visual DataFlex 8 applications on client computers.


White Papers Continued


These documents are the property of Data Access Corporation. With credit to Data Access Corporation for its authorship, you are encouraged to reproduce this information in any format, in whole or in part. You may publish these papers as stand- alone documents within your own web site or other publications provided that you maintain the intent, context and integrity of the material as originally authored.




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