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The DATAFLEX CRITICAL ERROR stop box with the error message "Unable to Load Daemon (WINERR=2)" is displayed followed by "User count exceeded for this license". How do I correct this problem?

WINERR=2 is a Windows error and it means "File not found".

That error may be displayed for various reasons:

- If you have the wrong version of the runtime file (vdfvm?.dll -- e.g. vdfvm9.dll) being found before the correct version, i.e vdfvm8.dll is being found before vdfvm9.dll when you are trying to run the IDE from VDF9. In this case, the error could be displayed when trying to run any of the Visual DataFlex utilities (IDE, Database Builder, Database Explorer, etc.)

- There is indeed a VDF file missing. You should be able to reinstall VDF and get all the pieces missing

- There is a Windows file missing. Maybe a file needed by VDF is not present in your system(e.g. PSAPI.dll -- see the link to KBase 1650).

- The PATH environment variable is too long (greater than 255) and some directories are not really being searched

- A copy of dfrun/dfruncon.exe is in a directory without dfdaemon.exe (e.g. in the data directory)
Note: You can also see the message "Cannot start DFDAEMON" WINERR=2 in this case

- The dfdaemon.exe being found is the from a different version of DataFlex

After checking all those items, you should make sure the License files (termlist.cfg and <serial#>.DFR) are found, are for the right version and are not ReadOnly. You can run Register.exe from your revision of Visual DataFlex (a link to it should be in the Start menu | Visual DataFlex | Utilities | Register Visual DataFlex AND the exe will be in the Visual DataFlex Bin directory) to check where the license files are being read from (it displays that location at the bottom of the screen).

Also, check if there are no directories (containing multiple registration files - DFR or termlist.cfg) in your PATH environment variable.

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Marcia Booth
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