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March 8-10 Dallas, Texas, USA


Location: Crowne Plaza Dallas Downtown

Training: March 8, 2018

Conference: March 9 & 10, 2018

The DataFlex International Software Developers organization, known as "DISD", is a U.S. users group whose primary focus is to provide opportunities for professional DataFlex developers and the Data Access Worldwide team to meet and share knowledge and experience. Come, learn, share, enjoy!

At DISD conferences, the DataFlex community connects to learn the latest about Data Access products and the industry and to share creations, ideas, code, opportunities and problem solving techniques for web, mobile and Windows business applications. Last but not least, DISD is fun!

"Wonderful words about the joys of DISD, especially the beer!"
Glarden Farkwark, Senior DataFlex Developer, Argile Socks, Inc.

"DISD conferences are a great occasion to present the latest DataFlex features and enhancements. Just as important for Data Access is the opportunity that the informal environment provides for us to listen and learn from developers what they will need to succeed in the future.”
Stephen W. Meeley, VP Development, Data Access Worldwide

Photos of previous DISD conferences, and other worldwide events.