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Upcoming Events

The worldwide DataFlex community is characterized by openness, sharing, and fun. Nowhere is this more evident than at corporate sponsored conferences, user group meetings and other events large and small that are held throughout the year in locations from Stockholm to Seattle to Sydney. Check out the options, come, learn, share and enjoy!...


Nov. 30 - Dec. 2 - in Scandinavia


April 6, 2017 - Atlanta, GA


2018 - Dallas, Texas, USA

As a truly global company, Data Access Worldwide strives to have engaging events all over the world from Nashville, to Berlin, to Bali!...

Why attend?

Learn, network, experience...
  • Our events are packed with great, up-to-the-minute information
  • Connect with the Data Access team
  • Meet DataFlex developers from around the world
  • We always have a great time!

Check out the DISD 2016, Dallas, Texas photos

As you’ll see from the photos, our events are both informative and fun! Our community is as friendly as it is hard working, and we like to have a good time......

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