October 1, 2003
Issue 41


Traditional Weatherwear: "Visual DataFlex has completely transformed our business."
Visual DataFlex 9.1 Beta released
Introducing Electos .a Content Management System
Aberdeen study rates Pervasive.SQL V8 a superior embedded database for 'Low IT' environments
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Traditional Weatherwear: "Visual DataFlex has completely transformed our business."
David Haythornthwaite wears a number of hats as Administration Manager for clothing manufacturer Traditional Weatherwear Ltd., makers of the traditional (and now world famous) Mackintosh raincoat that is part of the portfolio of many top design houses in Europe and America. Says Scotland Office Minister Brian Wilson about the Cumbernauld based company, "Traditional Weatherwear has, with its Mackintosh label, turned the traditional raincoat into a cutting-edge top fashion garment."

Responsible for all of the company's IT, health & safety, and other systems and projects in general that the 110-employee company relies on to stay on the cutting edge in the highly competitive clothing and textiles business, Mr. Haythornthwaite has gained a great appreciation for Visual DataFlex's RAD toolset features combined with the power of the DataFlex language.

"Using Visual DataFlex has completely transformed our business," Mr. Haythornthwaite says.

Visual DataFlex 9.1 Beta released
If you're a Visual DataFlex power developer and can't wait to try out all the new features VDF 9.1 delivers, including the integration of WebApp Server, now's your chance!

"VDF 9.1 signals a milestone in the evolution of Data Access Worldwide's Windows based products," says DAW President and CEO Chip Casanave. "Windows and Web application development and deployment systems are now consolidated into one seamless environment."

With VDF 9.1, Windows and Web applications now have a common technical foundation that will keep the two environments synchronized for all future development and deployment. These technical changes signal new levels of capability, efficiency, productivity, ease of use and ease of deployment for customers. There is a host of new features throughout the expanded product suite and a significant performance increase in Web applications. Plus, as an added extra, Visual DataFlex 9.1 now includes a complete application for Web content management - Electos.

For complete information about the Visual DataFlex 9.1 Beta-testing program, visit the newsgroup at: news://news.dataaccess.com/dac-public-newsgroups.visual-dataflex-9-1-open-beta. Be sure to read the Open Beta Program Participation and Welcome to the New Visual DataFlex 9.1 Open Beta Program messages to get started.

Introducing Electos .a Content Management System
Content management systems are software applications for creating, maintaining, organizing and publishing website content. Electos runs on the Visual DataFlex 9.1 Web Application Server and Microsoft's Internet Information Server (IIS).

Electos is a Web application - there are no Windows components to the system. An author's interface to create content and manage the system is Microsoft Internet Explorer. By running in the browser, Electos can be made available anytime, anywhere without the need to install special client software.

Using conventional methods of Web publishing, website content and formatting are bound together in HTML pages. Using Electos Studio, content authors develop and maintain information in a word processing-like environment that runs in their Web browser. Then, with a click of the mouse, their information is stored in a database on a Web server, ready to publish. The Electos Publisher works in conjunction with IIS to serve richly formatted Web pages containing information stored in the content databases.

Free copy of Electos included with Visual DataFlex 9.1

For the first time ever, Visual DataFlex will include ready-to-run application software. And, the application is free for VDF developers! As of revision 9.1, each Visual DataFlex development license will include Electos, a content management system.

Electos is a perfect choice to accompany Visual DataFlex 9.1. The VDF development system has new, integrated Web application development capabilities and Electos is a Web based VDF 9.1 application. It's also immediately useful to end-users and it opens a wide range of opportunities for VDF developers to integrate the system with their own applications to create exciting new Internet solutions.

Ready to learn more? Electos is part of the standard installation of Visual DataFlex 9.1. Get a preview of Electos (and the very latest VDF, too!) today by participating in the Visual DataFlex 9.1 Beta-testing program.

Visit the VDF 9.1 Beta newsgroup at: news://news.dataaccess.com/dac-public-newsgroups.visual-dataflex-9-1-open-beta and get started by reading the Open Beta Program Participation and Welcome to the New Visual DataFlex 9.1 Open Beta Program messages, which include instructions for downloading the VDF 9.1 Beta build.

Read the complete story about Visual DataFlex 9 (PDF).

Aberdeen study rates Pervasive.SQL V8 a superior embedded database for 'Low IT' environments
Aberdeen Group Inc., a leading IT market analysis and consulting firm, recently released research that advises application developers to select databases carefully and evaluate according to performance, administrative ease-of-use, minimal downtime, flexibility and cost of ownership. The research concludes that Pervasive Software's robust and scalable database engine, Pervasive.SQL V8, is a superior choice for database users who value high performance, low cost and low maintenance.

Aberdeen's research found that Pervasive.SQL has a clear superiority, particularly with regard to maintenance costs. Pervasive.SQL V8 showed an average 2.5-to-1 superiority in cost of ownership over Sybase SQL Anywhere Studio V7, 7-to-1 over Microsoft's SQL Server 2000, and 25-to-1 superiority over Oracle 9i. Pervasive.SQL's superiority is due in large part to achieving 'near-lights-out' administration.

The white paper, Low-IT Database Cost-of-Ownership Study: 2003 Update, is available free of charge in English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Spanish and Japanese for download at http://www.pervasive.com/support/whitepapers.asp

Read the Pervasive Software press release.

Learn more about Pervasive.SQL V8 for DataFlex client-server solutions.

Developer Resources

Data Access Worldwide publishes numerous Technical Knowledge Base articles and White Papers that provide developers with key information about techniques, fixes and strategies related to building and deploying DataFlex applications.

Latest Technical Knowledge Base Articles

Below are the latest articles added to the Knowledge Base by the DAW technical team:

Crystal Reports: INFO: Information on Crystal 9 and VDF Applications

WebApp Server: ERROR: 80020009 Invalid Web Application

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Events & Training News

Are you involved with an event or training program that would be of interest to DataFlex Developers? If so, please send the event or training program information to e-News@DataAccess.com.

SCANDUC set for Copenhagen, Denmark, Oct 2-3
The next meeting of the Scandinavian DataFlex Users Conference (SCANDUC) will be held on October 2-3 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Beca Soft, Data Access Europe's Channel Partner for Denmark, is coordinating this year's conference.

The conference's featured speakers from Data Access Worldwide and sessions include:

  • Data Access Europe's Managing Director Nick Nikijuluw presenting Introducing the New Visual DataFlex;
  • Data Access Worldwide's CTO John Tuohy presenting VDF for Windows and the Web - Design Overview and Demonstration;
  • Data Access Europe's Eddy Kleinjan presenting Building Web Application From Scratch With VDF 9.1 plus Introducing Electos;
  • Data Access Europe's Vincent Oorsprong presenting Migrating from WebApp Server 3 to VDF 9.1 Web Application Server;
  • Presentations by selected customers from the Nordic countries demonstrating special features and application development techniques they have used and want to share with others; and
  • An in-depth tour of the new Visual DataFlex 9 Studio.

For registration and additional information, please contact Beca Soft via telephone at +45 - 35 36 37 77, FAX +45 - 38 26 29 39, send e-mail or visit their website. Register for SCANDUC here.

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3rd Annual "Meet Me in St. Louis" VDF users conference Oct 3-4
The third annual "Meet Me in St. Louis" conference, hosted by the VDF-Midwest Developer User Group, is scheduled for October 3-4 in St. Louis, Missouri.

This year's agenda will focus on a wide array of topics designed to educate, challenge and enhance the knowledge base of beginner and advanced VDF programmers. This year's agenda topics and speakers include:

  • Unveiling the VDF9.1 Product Family, VDF/WebApp Migration to VDF 9.1 & A Look Ahead at WinPrint in VDF 9.2, and CrossMerge presentations by Stephen Meeley, Data Access Worldwide;
  • The Hammer and Other Tools by Wil Van Antwerpen, Antwise Solutions;
  • Application demonstrations by Jeff Kimmell of HCSS, Aubrey King of Data Modes, and Paul Richmond of McFarland Cascade;
  • MY SQL by Riaz Merchant, Mertech Data Systems;
  • Runtime Validation Engine by Oliver Nelson, Out of the Box Consulting;
  • A Detailed look at the Debugger and VDF Techniques with Tab Pages by Tony MacKay, Anasazi Software;
  • Crystal Reports - Another Look At CDO's and a New Class by Peter Van Wijk, X-Organize Consultancy;
  • VPE Reporting by Michael Salzlechner, StarZen Technologies;
  • A Detailed look at the VDF 9.1 IDE by Stephen Meeley & Dennis Piccioni, Data Access Worldwide;
  • Breakout sessions include a StarZen Class Demo, Solving CRW Issues, Debugger Tips and Tricks, and a MYSQL Driver Demo.

The conference will again be held at the offices of AAIM Management Association in St. Louis. To register, please contact Data Access' Mari Doherty by e-mail at mari-d@dataaccess.com or by telephone at 800-451-3539 x7764. The registration fee is $100.00.

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Data Access Europe, UK Channel Partners present VDF 9.1 Day Oct 14
Data Access Europe in concert with its UK Channel Partners invites developers to attend a special seminar with a Visual DataFlex 9.1-centric theme. Of course this new revision of Visual DataFlex offers developers many new features and benefits, but the new, merged environment of Visual DataFlex and WebApp gave Data Access reason to re-think product strategies and policies, which will be shared at this event.

Attending this one-day event is free of charge, and will take place in Birmingham. Registration is required. For more information, send e-mail to info@dataaccess.nl.

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Data Access Europe presents VDF 9.1 Day in Frankfurt, Germany Oct 21
Data Access Europe will continue it's special seminar series about Visual DataFlex 9.1 in Frankfurt, Germany on October 21. The seminar will give an overview of the new revision of Visual DataFlex, which offers developers many new features and benefits. The new, merged environment of Visual DataFlex and WebApp Server has given Data Access reason to re-think product strategies and policies, and these will be shared at this event.

Attending this one-day event is free of charge. Registration is required. For more information, send e-mail to info@dataaccess.nl.

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Data Access Worldwide authorized training programs
Data Access Worldwide and its authorized training centers offer developers an extensive array of product training programs for WebApp Server, Visual DataFlex, DataFlex and Crystal Reports. Data Access Europe offers programs in a variety of locations in Denmark, Germany, and The Netherlands.

Read more about U.S. training programs, training offered by Data Access Europe, or visit Data Access Brazil's Event Center for training programs and events offered in Brazil (Portuguese language).

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