March 16, 2004
Issue 50


Visual DataFlex community gets a productivity boost from new tools
Corroboree 2004 just around the corner for "Down Under" developers
DAW CEO outlines company direction at DISD; attendees give rave reviews
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Visual DataFlex community gets a productivity boost from new tools
Two new productivity tools have been contributed to the Visual DataFlex developer community: a web based newsgroup search engine and a spell checker for Windows applications.

Sture Andersen of Sture ApS, Copenhagen, Denmark has published a powerful, free Web-based tool for searching all of the Data Access Worldwide newsgroups.

Sture's Web Application Search Page (WASP) is powered by the Visual DataFlex 9.1 Web Application Server, and features the ability to perform free text searches of the entire contents of the Data Access public newsgroups. WASP is built on the Visual DataFlex 9.1 platform using the embedded database. The WASP engine is also what powers the search facility in Electos, DAW's Web content management system.

Says Mr. Andersen about the application server's reliability, "After having converted WASP to 9.1 it's been running 100% unattended." Mr. Andersen is also the author of VDFQuery, an end-user query tool that integrates directly into VDF applications.

"Once again, Sture has given our developers a tool to enhance their productivity. The Web Application Search Page is an invaluable service and it's free," says Data Access' Vice President of Product Management Stephen Meeley. "We can't thank Sture enough for all he does for the Visual DataFlex developer community!"

At the recent DISD conference Tony Mackay of Anasazi Software demonstrated a spell checker for Visual DataFlex applications. Mr. Mackay announced that Anasazi would be donating the tool to the Visual DataFlex community and allowing other developers to integrate it with their applications.

"The look and feel is very similar to most of the typical spell checker people are familiar with," says Mr. Mackay.

Says DISD attendee Nick Herlick of Herlick Data Systems about the tool, "I can see a role for Visual DataFlex SpellCheck right away in our application for non-profit organizations. We will definitely follow up on that one. Good work!"

VDF SpellCheck is slated for release this month.

"These are terrific examples of the DataFlex community actively and generously at work and supporting each other's success," says DAW's CEO Chip Casanave.

For a complete listing of support services available to application developers, visit

Corroboree 2004 just around the corner for "Down Under" developers
The Australian DataFlex Developers and Users Group (DDUG)'s Corroboree 2004 returns March 25-28 to the wonderful Southbank area in the heart of Melbourne, Australia.

The Conference agenda includes a diverse range of topics and speakers. John Van Houten from Data Access Worldwide will lead a free training session on the new Visual DataFlex 9.1 Studio, and Neil Harker from eAccounts International will share his secrets for developing a successful Web-based accounting system. Chris Spencer of TUFware Systems will be demonstrating the huge speed and flexibility gains in using Visual DataFlex, SQL and Crystal, and Wil Van Antwerpen of Antwise Solutions will be presenting as well.

For more information about Corroboree, and to make your reservation, visit

For more details check out or the visit the DDUG-Corroboree newsgroup.

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DAW CEO outlines company direction at DISD; attendees give rave reviews
DAW's president and CEO Chip Casanave opened the recent DISD conference held in Carson City, Nevada with an address that outlined the company's plans for the near-term future of Visual DataFlex and related software technologies.

"Data Access Worldwide is producing more and better software than ever before," Mr. Casanave said, noting that Visual DataFlex 9.1 is "the fulfillment of our vision of a high productivity application development environment for the ideal application architecture."

Mr. Casanave said that DAW would employ a dual-track development strategy to ensure that Visual DataFlex is technically competitive and easily usable by new customers to support the company's business growth initiatives. The text copy of his remarks and other DISD presenters' materials are available online.

Of course, the essence of the DISD conference is technical presentations, and the developers in attendance have once again proclaimed the conference a great success!

"The conference itself was the best I've ever attended. All the topics were well presented, pertinent to what many in attendance were getting into, or were thinking of getting into. Each presenter was knowledgeable in their topic of choice and seemed enthusiastic about sharing it with the rest of the DISD community." Hugh Powers, McFarland Cascade

"The presentation of [the Visual DataFlex Web Application Server] and other features in 9.1 by John [Tuohy, DAW's CTO] have convinced me to commit to [it] for an up and coming web project. The web services preview in 10.0 was quite impressive." Bob Roth, Barton Nelson

"I really liked Vincent's presentation on the DBExplorer. I am now using all these features I did not know I had." Judi Cushing, Stanford Research System

Visit the DISD website at

Developer Resources
Data Access Worldwide publishes numerous Technical Knowledge Base articles and White Papers that provide developers with key information about techniques, fixes and strategies related to building and deploying DataFlex applications.

Latest Technical Knowledge Base Articles

Below are the latest articles added to the Knowledge Base by the DAW technical team:

Crystal Reports:

HOWTO: Convert to Crystal Reports 9
HOWTO: Avoid Problems with Crystal Reports 9 running from VDF

Linux: PROBLEM: RedHat 7.1 console does not have right screen appearance
Visual DataFlex 9: ERROR: Compiler error at "Set Entry_Client.Changed_state to bState"
VDF (General): HOWTO: Configure Lock Timeout in Visual DataFlex

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Events & Training

EDUC set for Cambridgeshire, England, Oct 6-8
The European Data Access Users Conference (EDUC) will be held Oct 6-8th, 2004 at The Robinson Centre, Cambridgeshire, England. This center is a purpose built conference center situated mid-way between Stansted and Luton Airports, which are the prime destinations for low cost air travel to the UK from the whole of Europe.

The EDUC conference is "held in the spirit of cooperation and interchange of experience among developers, producers and end users from Europe and the rest of the world." Special pricing on software packages will be offered to all registered attendees. ASCKEY Data Services, a Data Access Europe UK Channel Partner, is organizing this 2004 conference. A dedicated Web site for EDUC 2004 will be on-line soon; in the meantime visit ASCKEY Data Services Ltd for more information.

Data Access Worldwide Training Programs
Data Access Worldwide and its training centers offer developers an extensive array of product training programs for Visual DataFlex, VDF's Web Application Server, DataFlex, database connectivity, and reporting including Crystal Reports. Contact for more information.

Read more about North America and International training programs, training offered direct by Data Access Europe, or visit Data Access Brazil's Event Center for training programs and events offered in Brazil (Portuguese language).

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