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e-News March 17, 2008
Issue 131

Electos 3.1 now available!


Dynamic AI for BI: "They loved it!"


Baycastle extends discounted pricing on DataSlave to Visual DataFlex developers


Visual DataFlex 2008 Release Candidate posted


Microsoft Home Server flaw corrupts Visual DataFlex data


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Electos 3.1 now available!


Electos 3.1 is now available for download, and features new options for customizing your website's meta data, integrating payment providers, updated Navigation GUI, easier support for adding Flash objects, and more!

New features in Electos 3.1

Customize Website, Page and Product Parameters - easily optimize for search engines and customize the look and feel of any Electos web page or Webshop product, or your entire website all at once!

Website Parameters are easily changed from the Control Panel - easily customize your website looks and replace image files like your logo simply by selecting a new image file from within the Electos Studio - there's no need to modify the underlying .asp template! Explore and modify standard parameters such as your company name, address information, etc., and control the display of login and search boxes, customize page titles, keywords, and more with Website Parameters.

Page Parameters enable you to access the same level of control as Website Parameters, only on a page-by-page basis. Easily customize the look of individual pages without having to create new .asp templates. Customize page titles, meta descriptions and keywords, search engine robot behaviors and more with Page Parameters!

Electos 3.1 is now available!



Easily set parameters for Web Search Engine Optimization with Electos 3.1!
With Electos 3.1's customizable
Website, Page and Product
Parameters you can easily optimize
your websites for search engines
and customize the look and feel
of any Electos web page or
Webshop product - or your entire
website - all at once!


Product Parameters provide ways to add meta data for individual products and groups of products - a great way to enable search engines to link directly to your product listings!

Flash support - The Electos Studio now has direct support for adding Flash files to your website pages, including setting Flash parameters such as Autoplay and Loop. Just click the Insert Flash control, select the file, set the parameters and apply!

Payment Service Provider support - Electos 3.1 delivers built-in support for PayPal and ProtX payment service providers (PSPs). Easily integrate your PSP account and functionality into your website with just a few settings!

Improved Studio Navigation GUI - Minimize menu items in the Electos Studio to create more workspace for the menu topic you are using.

Read the Electos 3.1 Readme.txt for details about what is new in Electos 3.1.

Download Electos 3.1
Upgrading Electos from any existing 3.1 or 3.0 installation requires no special preparations. Your current Electos 3.0 registration information will work with Electos 3.1.

Visual DataFlex 12.1 or 14.0 Web Application Server is required for this build of Electos 3.1 (get VDF). Note that a stand-alone version of Electos with a built-in Web Application Server is coming soon!

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Dynamic AI for BI: "They loved it!"


To optimally steer your organization, you need information at all times, delivered to where you happen to be. In a dynamic environment, it is a challenge to retrieve accurate information to support your decision-making. Dynamic AI is a unique web-reporting tool that enables you to get the real-time, accurate information you need to make informed decisions - anytime, anywhere!

Check out what Dynamic AI users are already saying about the fast and easy way to BI-enable your business or organization:

"This morning I trained 3 staff members on Dynamic AI reports... They loved it! And, less than 5 minutes afterwards, the vice president to whom I report walked by, and I demonstrated to him several reports along with all the flexible features in Dynamic AI... he walked away saying, 'Dynamite,' 'Awesome,' 'Fantastic,' 'This is just great,' and on and on!" Larry Mattingly, MCHC

Read the entire e-mail from Larry Mattingly about his experience with using Dynamic AI for business intelligence as the IT director for the Metropolitan Chicago Healthcare Council.

Dynamic AI for Real-Time Business Intelligence!



Dashboards in Dynamic AI.
With Dynamic AI users
can generate their own
dashboards and alerts!



Dynamic AI makes live data accessible across system boundaries for reporting and decision-making and requires no special client-side software - access a higher level of Business Intelligence directly from your web browser of choice!

Dynamic AI offers a broad range of features — Reporting, Web Query, Dashboards, Performance Monitoring, seamless integration with Microsoft Excel — and lots more!

Dynamic AI works with all popular databases: Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2 Universal Database, Oracle DBMS, Pervasice.SQL, MS-Access, MySQL, Informix, Borland Interbase, Visual FoxPro, PostgreSQL, Sybase and Excel spreadsheets.

Read the details about the new features in Dynamic AI v6 and download the free Personal Edition at your regional Data Access Worldwide Dynamic AI website:

Get Dynamic AI for fast and easy access to your business intelligence data today!

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Baycastle extends discounted pricing on DataSlave to Visual DataFlex developers


Baycastle extends discounted pricing on DataSlave to Visual DataFlex developers!Baycastle Software has announced at the recent DISD Conference special pricing for DataSlave products to all Visual DataFlex users worldwide. The discounts of up to 50% will remain available until the end of March, 2008.

Baycastle's DataSlave software is an award-winning Windows product designed to help users check, de-duplicate, transform and synchronize their data. The tool enables users to quickly move data in and out of their business applications. The newly released version 2.1 of DataSlave adds support for Data Access Worldwide's DataFlex embedded database.

For details about the offer and to purchase DataSlave, visit the DataSlave website.

Read the details about Baycastle and Data Access Worldwide's marketing partnership.

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Visual DataFlex 2008 Release Candidate posted

VDFWe're marching toward the release Visual DataFlex 2008 with the posting of the Release Candidate for testing by the VDF developer community.

Visual DataFlex 2008 features support for Windows Vista and Citrix XenApp, Skinning, automatic precompilation, CodeSense improvements and many incremental improvements, studio enhancements, bug fixes and documentation improvements. It is available to be downloaded now!

We encourage developers to download and test the latest Release Candidate build with your applications and report your results back to us in order to help us release the highest quality software possible. To participate in the Visual DataFlex 2008 Beta test program, download the latest build from our FTP site at:

Please use the following newsgroup for all discussions about Visual DataFlex 2008:


Get more details about Visual DataFlex 2008.

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Microsoft Home Server flaw corrupts Visual DataFlex data reports that Microsoft has admitted to a "data corruption issue" with the Windows Home Server. The issue affects Visual DataFlex and a wide variety of other common applications when they edit or transfer files that are stored on a Windows Home Server-based computer that has more than one hard drive. According to eWeek, "Microsoft says fixing a data corruption bug in Windows Home Server is the top priority for the product's development team."

In its KnowledgeBase listing, Microsoft states that on servers with more than one hard drive running Windows Home Server users can experience data corruption. According to the Windows Home Server Team blog posting, Microsoft has been aware of the "data corruption issue" since "late December 2007."

This is a problem with Microsoft's Windows Home Server software; it is not an issue specific to Visual DataFlex application or data files at all. Microsoft notes that Windows Home Server-based computers that have a single hard drive are not affected by this issue, nor are Windows Home Server Computer Backup and Restore capabilities, Health Monitoring, and Remote Access functionality. This issue is specific to Windows Home Server and does not affect other Windows Server-based products.

Read the Microsoft KnowledgeBase listing.

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Developer Resources


Data Access Worldwide publishes numerous Technical Knowledge Base articles and White Papers that provide developers with key information about techniques, fixes and strategies related to building and deploying Visual DataFlex applications and related software solutions. We also offer a variety of training opportunities for novice and advanced developers alike.

Latest Technical Knowledge Base Articles:

Visual DataFlex 2008:
2365-PROBLEM: Studio shows a lot of warnings

Visual DataFlex 12:
2363-HOWTO: Enumerate all child objects of a (db)View
2362-INFO: Running a program from the Studio (F5) always compiles, even when not needed

Visual DataFlex (General):
1032-Control labels remain visible after setting visible_state to false (updated)

Pervasive PSQL:
2359-HOWTO: Get Pervasive Control Center to display newly created tables
2355-HOWTO: Create New set of DDF Files
2354-HOWTO: See converted tables in Pervasive Control Center

Connectivity Kits:
2360-INFO: Drivers used by the Connectivity Kits
2358-INFO: SQL Server Online Resources
2356-HOWTO: Obtain SQL Server client

Windows (General):
2364-INFO: List Registered DLLs

Training - Brazil
Data Access Brazil is proud to announce the new releases for Visual DataFlex Professional Certification 2008 in Portuguese. Now you can join the community of Visual DataFlex Certified Professional with worldwide recognition!

All classes will be held at the TECDAB (Technical Education Center Data Access Brazil) in São Paulo, and will be taught in Portuguese. Upcoming courses include:

  • Basic for Windows Applications, April 7-11
  • Developing Web Applications, April 14-15
  • Creating Web Services with VDF, April 16
  • Building Interactive Web Applications with Ajax and VDF, April 17-18
  • Working with XML inside VDF, April 22
  • VDF Tips and Tricks, April 23
  • Crystal Reports XI Basic Module, April 24
  • Crystal Reports XI Advanced Module, April 25

Get complete information from Data Access Brazil at (Portuguese language).

Training - Europe
Data Access Europe offers various training opportunities throughout Europe in concert with our European partners. Upcoming courses include:

  • Discovering Visual DataFlex, Hengelo, The Netherlands, March 17 -21
  • Visual DataFlex Introductory Course, Cambridgeshire, England, March 18
  • Getting Started with Visual DataFlex Training, Copenhagen, Denmark, April 8
  • Drive-In Support, Hengelo, The Netherlands, April 14 & May 15
  • Drive-In Support, Munich, Germany, April 15
  • Codejock Extensions Training, Munich/Salzburg, Germany, April 16
  • AJAX Training, Friedrichsdorf, Germany, April 17
  • Discovering Visual DataFlex Training, Friedrichsdorf, Germany, April 21 - 25
  • Drive-In Support, Friedrichsdorf, Germany, May 13

See the full list of classes and the current European Training schedule through June of 2008. For personal assistance, contact

Training - North America
Data Access North America now offers a comprehensive training program featuring courses selected and developed specifically to provide developers with the tools necessary to achieve mastery in creating and delivering great applications.

To view descriptions of the classes we currently offer please visit, or for more specific information regarding the classes or to inquire about customized training for your company please contact

Training Books
Two new books about building Visual DataFlex applications and the DataFlex language are available:

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Recent News Recap...


The following stories were recently published in e-News:

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Events Calendar


Front_IT ApsFront-IT Seminar, Veijle, Denmark, March 26, 2008
This free afternoon seminar will be showcasing the newest version of Dynamic AI for Business Intelligence and I-Pod Touch integration. It will be held from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. in Torvehallerne, Veijle. Attendees are invited to lunch before the seminar. This is a hands-on seminar, so bring your own laptop. No previous programming knowledge is necessary. For more information and to register, contact Front-IT.

UK Visual DataFlex SIG meeting at Asckey Data Services.UK Visual DataFlex SIG, United Kingdom, April 8, 2008
The next UK VDF SIG event in the UK will take place on April 8 at the offices of Asckey Data Services in Pidley, Cambridgeshire. This year's SIG will feature sessions on PDA development, an overview of what's new in Visual DataFlex 2008, VDF application deployment strategies, version control and source code repository software, and mobile data collection with VPE. Read the agenda.

EDUC, Copenhagen, Denmark, June 5-6, 2008
Attend EDUC 2008 in Copenhagen, Denamark!The next European DataFlex User's Conference (EDUC) will be held June 5-6 in Copenhagen, Denmark. There will also be a pre-conference Training Day on June 4th.

This year's agenda includes Data Access Worldwide's CTO John Tuohy demonstrating the new features in Visual DataFlex 2008, as well as discussing VDF 2008's support for Microsoft's new Vista operating system. Also included on the agenda are Emil Stojanov of Quantaris presenting on Citrix Considerations when deploying Visual DataFlex applications remotely with Citrix, Data Access Europe's lead AJAX Library developer Harm Wibier presenting on Building Desktop-like Applications for the Web with the VDF AJAX Library, and much more!

EDUC is the best opportunity for the European DataFlex developer community to get the in-depth information they need to excel at building and deploying business solutions powered by Data Access Worldwide's software tools. Mark your calendar today and make plans to attend EDUC 2008 in beautiful Copenhagen in June!

Visit the EDUC 2008 website for more about the agenda, Copenhagen, registration and more!

EDUC 2008 is hosted by DAW's Scandinavian channel partner Front-IT ApS.

DDUG's Corroboree 2008, Fremantle, Australia, September 10-13 - Save the Date!Corroboree 2008, Fremantle, Australia, September 10-13
The DataFlex Developers and Users Group's (DDUG) annual Corroboree conference hits Western Australia for the first time! Fremantle, located at the mouth of the Swan River, 19km southwest of Perth has been selected as the venue for the 2008 conference. The conference will be held at the historic Rosie O'Grady's hotel from September 10 - 13, 2008. As is customary, training will be offered prior to the conference.

Data Access Worldwide is continuing their support of Corroboree by sending two delegates from Data Access Europe. Vincent Oorsprong will attend his second Corroboree, and will share his extensive knowledge in Visual DataFlex programming. Eddy Kleinjan, the VDF Web App Server Product Manager, will be sharing his extensive knowledge of Web Applications as well as Dynamic AI and AJAX related technologies. Corroboree will also be full of presentations by fellow DDUG members. Booking forms and a full training schedule will be available via the DDUG website soon!

Visit the Events Newsgroup Newsgroup for peer discussion about all events.

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