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e-News September 6, 2006
Issue 100
Visual DataFlex makes Windows application development easy for Josery Textiles
Visual DataFlex 12 "Project Horizon" now in Beta; check out the awesome CodeSense features!
Fixes Available for Visual DataFlex 11.1
Visual DataFlex gaining momentum in Russia
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Visual DataFlex makes Windows application development easy for Josery Textiles
Josery Textiles Ltd, and its retail business Welbeck Sports, are a pair of small, family-run businesses specialising in leisurewear fabrics and made-up garments such as sweatshirts and polo shirts, especially with custom embroidered or silk screened logos.

Welbeck Sports and Josery Textiles.


Josery Textiles' high speed, multiple embroidery machines in action.
Josery Textiles' high speed, multiple embroidery machines in action.

Through the 1980s they had a simple homegrown DataFlex v2.3b application, but by 2000 this was running out of steam. In particular the product range exploded from a handful of identifiable products to thousands. The old system had an over-simple database structure and problems in running the old DOS application under Windows.

After having a good look at the sales and CRM software packages available, Josery Textiles’ Sue Jones spent a while experimenting with Microsoft's Visual Basic and Access tools, but while these undoubtedly are very “clever” for visual elements, even after having gone through the training package Sue felt she had got nowhere with being able to handle data.

After experimenting with a Visual DataFlex evaluation, Sue started to design a customer tracking system and had two sessions of one-on-one mentoring at Asckey Data Services’ premises in Huntington, England. Over the next year Sue completed the customer and samples tracking system and a pricing system, with no further help from anyone.

The work included transfer of data from the old system, and defining routines for updating the price list from manufacturer-supplied spreadsheets. (Sue has a science degree, but is not a computer-trained person. Her only contact with computer programming was a short course whilst at Cambridge University, with punched cards and Fortran, enough to put anyone off for life!)

Sue says, “Compared with other Windows software I looked at, Visual DataFlex provides far better searching facilities. With VDF I can search on any combination of name, address, postcode and account reference fields just by clicking on the appropriate column heading."

Of the overall development, Sue says, “Visual DataFlex has been central to allowing us to alter our business in a changing world. We really needed to run our business the way we felt it should be run, and nothing else seemed capable of letting me as a non-programmer, build a computer system to support that. Visual DataFlex did.”

The UK textile industry has had a hard time over the last few decades, and it is nice to see that a small company specialising in high quality service can still thrive in an industry dominated by cheap imports from the third world.

Read the full story by Asckey Data Systems Ltd about Sue Jones and Josery Textiles Ltd's success with Visual DataFlex (PDF).

Learn more about Visual DataFlex.

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Visual DataFlex 12 "Project Horizon" now in Beta; check out the awesome CodeSense features!

We are pleased to announce the availability of the Beta 2 build of Visual DataFlex 12 "Project Horizon", and encourage developers to download and test the latest build with your applications and report your results back to us in order to help us release the highest quality software possible.

Visual DataFlexRelease of the Visual DataFlex 12 Beta is a significant milestone as "Project Horizon" is now feature complete! There will, of course, continue to be changes in the documentation and the occasional bug fix or two, and we welcome your feedback to the release during this Beta cycle.

Check out the new and improved CodeSense features being delivered in Visual DataFlex 12!
CodeSense is a set of Studio features that intelligently assist you in writing code, providing lists of context sensitive options and information. Using CodeSense dramatically increases productivity, it gives you context sensitive information directly when you need it as you're typing code in the editor, so you don't have to leave the editor to look up references in the documentation. And it can even be used to complete your typing for you -  minimize typos and more!

Visual DataFlex 12 CodeSense

Visual DataFlex 12's CodeSense features intelligently assist you in writing code
by providing lists of context sensitive
options and information.

CodeSense information is available for practically every language command, all classes, objects, methods, variables, struct types etc., including your own classes and methods from your source code. CodeSense information is always up to date, as soon as you declare a variable, or add a Use statement, for example, the information is immediately available. To see CodeSense in action, check out these video clips:

Using CodeSense in a method call.

Using CodeSense with auto-complete.

Using CodeSense with the object brower.

Using CodeSense with variables and struct types.

To participate in the Visual DataFlex 12 Project Horizon Beta test program:

Learn more about Visual DataFlex 12 Project Horizon.

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bullet Fixes Available for Visual DataFlex 11.1

Several important fixes have been released for Visual DataFlex 11.1, and are discussed in Knowledge Base Article 2239.  These fixes affect the running of a Crystal Report from a dialog, an issue with the Class Creation Wizard, and a runtime memory leak issue.

All users of Visual DataFlex 11.1 are encouraged to read Knowledge Base Article 2239 and follow the "Web Links Related to this Article" near the bottom of the page for information on how to address each of these issues.

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Visual DataFlex gaining momentum in Russia


Senat Consultancy Russia, Ltd, Data Access Worldwide's distributor for the Russian market, has launched a new Visual DataFlex support website in the Russian language to better serve the Visual DataFlex developer community there.

Senat Consultancy RussiaSenat Consultancy's Sergey Natarov (who has been partnered with Data Access Worldwide since the mid 1990's) has been actively promoting the Visual DataFlex brand in Russia, and will also be hosting EDUC 2008 in Moscow.

Sergey is asking the DataFlex community to send any comments or feedback about the new site to

Visit Visual DataFlex in Russia at

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Developer Resources

  Data Access Worldwide publishes numerous Technical Knowledge Base articles and White Papers that provide developers with key information about techniques, fixes and strategies related to building and deploying DataFlex applications.
  Latest Technical Knowledge Base Articles
  Below are the latest articles added to the Knowledge Base by the DAW technical team:

Connectivity Kits:
2237-HOWTO: Upgrade Connectivity Kit and Convert DFRECNUM Tables to RECNUM Tables

2238-INFO: Get Details on Running Processes with Process Explorer Utility

Visual DataFlex 11:
2239-INFO: Fixes Available for Visual DataFlex 11.


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Item Events & Training

"Drive-In Support Day," Friedrichsdorf, Germany, September 12
Drive-In Support Days are regular events held by Data Access Europe in various locations, and they offer low cost technical, hands-on help and advice with any issues developers may encounter using Data Access’s products.  The next Drive-In Support Day is being held in Friedrichsdorf, Germany on September 12th. 

Attendees and the Drive-In coach (Mr. Vincent Oorsprong) start the day with creating the agenda of topics to discuss for the day, and then address these items for the remainder of that day. For more information and to register for the event, contact

Visual DataFlex Base Training, Torvehallerne, Vejle, Denmark, September 18-21
A 4-day Visual DataFlex base training class is scheduled for all the Nordic countries, and will be led by Torben Lund from DataPower. For more information, contact Charlotte Grønvold of Front - IT ApS.

Visual DataFlex Base Training, Munich, Germany, September 18-22
A 5-day Visual DataFlex 11.1 / 12 base training class is scheduled for the Munich area September 18-23. There is still room for more for this session, so if you are ready to make a serious start with Visual DataFlex, sign up today! The session will be taught in German and/or English. For more information and to register for the event, contact

AJAX Training, Friedrichsdorf, Germany, September 19
This training session is one of the Visual DataFlex "specials" that Data Access Europe has planned for this autumn in Germany. AJAX is synonymous for building exciting, powerful web-applications with a "rich-interface." The acronym stands for Asynchronous Java Script and XML, but it’s much more than that - it is about delivering highly competitive, state-of-the-art applications on the web! For more information and to register for the event, contact

Dynamic AI Seminar, Curacao, September 27
Data Access Worldwide will hold a seminar featuring the web browser-based business intelligence solution Dynamic AI, in cooperation with X-organize. The seminar will be held just before the start of “Meet Me in St Louis - Destination Curacao,” thus allowing developers to get even more value out of your visit to Curacao for MMISL! Stay tuned to e-News and the Events newsgroup for more details as they are announced.

“Meet Me in St Louis - Destination Curacao” Conference, September 29-30

Curacao - site of the next Meet Me in St. Louis user group meeting.
Make plans to visit Curacao
and expand your Visual
DataFlex developer skills

Now's the time to register for the next “Meet Me in St Louis - Destination Curacao” conference being held on Friday – Saturday, September 29 – 30 in the exciting Caribbean location of Curacao

In addition to superb technical presentations and unequaled peer networking with fellow Visual DataFlex developers on Friday and Saturday, be sure to stay for the "cooling down and lime day" scheduled for Sunday, October 1st and make the most of your Caribbean stay!

Visit the Events newsgroup and read the “MMISL Destination Curacao” thread for more information.

Read the PDF with complete information about the 2006 “Meet Me in St. Louis – Destination Curacao” conference.

AJAX Training, Huntington, England, October 12
Asckey Data Services Ltd. is offering a special AJAX training class on Thursday, October 12th at Asckey's offices in Huntington, England. The training will start at mid-day and will explore using AJAX with Visual DataFlex in some depth. Any Visual DataFlex developer with an interest in Web development, and who has some understanding of the VDF Web Application Server and web services/XML, will be very welcome to attend. Eddy Kleinjan of Data Access Europe will lead the course.

For more information send e-mail to or call Asckey Data Services Ltd at +44 (0)8701 634466.

Learn more about the Visual DataFlex Web Application Server.

Visual DataFlex v12 Development Studio Training, Huntington, England, October 13
With Visual DataFlex v12 now in Beta and release expected during the Autumn, Asckey Data Services Ltd. is hosting a one-day developer training event on Friday, October 13th at the Lakeside Lodge Golf Course near Asckey's offices in Huntington, England. This will be the same training course as was given at EDUC 2006, and Vincent Oorsprong and Eddy Kleinjan of Data Access Europe will be leading the training. This will be a hands-on course, and you will need your laptop with the latest Visual DataFlex v12 build installed.

VDF v12 is creating a lot of interest. Asckey staff who completed this course at EDUC 2006 in Malta came back very enthusiastic about it, but also cautioned, “If you don’t take a day out to take in the changes you just will not spot all the opportunities to speed up your development process.” 

For more information send e-mail to or call Asckey Data Services Ltd at +44 (0)8701 634466.

DataFlex Developers Day, Frankfurt, Germany, November 14
The summer of 2006 is without a doubt the hottest summer ever, and Data Access Europe and Data Project want to make sure it is going to be a very hot autumn in Germany as well!

DataFlex Developer’s Day is scheduled for November 14th in Frankfurt, Germany, and is geared for Visual DataFlex developers (and DataFlex developers as well) who are interested in learning more about how they can benefit from this powerful software development tool for building Windows, Web and Web Services applications. 

DataFlex Developer’s Day on the 14th of November in Frankfurt will be very Visual DataFlex 12 centric, and includes Data Access Worldwide CTO John Tuohy as keynote speaker.

But that's not all - also on the DataFlex Developer's Day agenda are demonstrations of the latest revisions of Electos and Dynamic AI, both slated for release this fall, and a presentation on AJAX for Visual DataFlex (each visitor at DataFlex Developer’s Day will go home with a special AJAX for Visual DataFlex Kit!).

For more information and to register for DataFlex Developer’s Day on the 14th of November in Frankfurt, Germany, contact

Visit Data Project GmbH.

SCANDUC, Copenhagen, Denmark, November 16-17
The Scandinavia DataFlex Users Conference (SCANDUC) will be held in Copenhagen, Denmark on November 16-17. SCANDUC 2006 will feature Data Access Worldwide's CTO John Tuohy presenting on Visual DataFlex 12, and also leading the post-conference VDF 12 training on Saturday, November 18th.

Stay tuned to for further details as they are announced. Note there will be a special dinner the evening of the 16th, and the event will be held at the brand new Adina 4-star apartment hotel.

SCANDUC 2006 is being coordinated by Charlotte Grønvold of Front - IT ApS, a Data Access Europe Channel Partner.

DISD Conference, Carson City, Nevada, January 25-27, 2007
DISD returns to Carson City Jan '07!The DataFlex International Software Developers (DISD) Conference has been scheduled to return to Carson City, Nevada on January 25-27 2007.

Stay tuned to e-News for more information as it becomes available!

Synergy 2007, Miami Beach, Florida, May 16-18, 2007

Synergy 2007 - the premiere conference for Visual DataFlex developers, users and stakeholders from around
the world!


Miami Beach Resort & Spa - home for Synergy 2007!

Discover refreshing luxury at
the Miami Beach Resort & Spa,
and savor the best of the
"Gateway to the Americas."

Data Access Worldwide is pleased to announce that the Synergy 2007 conference will be held May 16 — 18, 2007, in beautiful Miami Beach, Florida at the Miami Beach Resort & Spa. This hotel is located on the beach that made Miami famous, is one of the few historically recognized locations on the beach, and has promised to keep the ocean/poolside bar open as long as we are there to keep the glasses full — you can't beat that!

This unique historical location will serve as home base for three magnificent days as Data Access Worldwide hosts some of the most capable and successful business solution developers in the world.

A charming departure from standard Miami Beach hotels and resorts!
Glistening white-sand beaches, tranquil turquoise waters, and world-class attractions. South Florida is truly one of America's most colorful locales. Discover refreshing luxury at the Miami Beach Resort & Spa, and savor the best of the "Gateway to the Americas." This distinctive Miami Beach hotel is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and Intracoastal Waterway, and boasts 424 guest rooms and suites - each brimming with thoughtful amenities like high-speed Internet access and floor-to-ceiling oceanfront views.

The full agenda will be announced as soon as it is finalized, but the following conference activities have been confirmed as "official":

  • Updates on the newest technologies included in Data Access Worldwide products
  • Great times connecting and sharing with your fellow Visual DataFlex developers
  • Introduction to the best Piña Coladas on Miami Beach!

Please note: There will be both pre and post-conference training opportunities offered in conjunction with the three-day Synergy conference. These sessions are not to be missed, and attendees should consider this opportunity when making travel and hotel arrangements. More information about the exact topics and dates of these training sessions will be announced as soon as it is available.

Mark your calendar today to join us in 2007 for a tropical event that promises to be a valuable experience and a brilliant occasion! Conference registration begins in December.

Visit the Synergy 2007 web page.

Revisit the previous Synergy 2005 conference information.

EDUC, Moscow, May 2008
The next European DataFlex User's Conference (EDUC) has been set to be held in Moscow, Russia, in May, 2008 (the exact dates will be announced as soon as they are confirmed).

Attend EDUC 2008 in Moscow!EDUC 2008 organizer Sergey Natarov says, "EDUC is the best opportunity for the European DataFlex developer community to get the in-depth information they need to excel at building and deploying business solutions powered by Visual DataFlex. We are looking forward to meeting our friends and colleagues in Moscow in the spring of 2008!"

Mark your calendar today and make plans to visit Moscow and attend EDUC in May 2008.

Visit the EDUC 2008 website for the latest information at

Visit the Events newsgroup for peer discussion about all events.

Data Access Worldwide Training Programs
Data Access Worldwide and its training centers offer developers an extensive array of product training programs for Visual DataFlex, the VDF Web Application Server, DataFlex, database connectivity, and reporting including Crystal Reports and Dynamic AI. Read more about training programs or contact for more information.

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