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June 15, 2001

Did You Know...
When Moore Brazil (Formerly Moore Business Forms Brazil) decided to Web-enable their business and migrate from a mainframe IT environment to a client-server solution, the company faced a number of choices regarding which application development and server platform to deploy. With senior management demanding that the company's existing IT investments be preserved, the decision was easy – continue to rely on Data Access Worldwide for Web and client-server application development solutions.

Developers Rave about DataFlex® 3.2
“I've recompiled over 1,100 procedural programs in 3.2 and they have run without any problems at all,” sums up how John Wilkinson, Senior Developer for Skope Industries describes his experience upgrading to DataFlex 3.2. Rod Mundy, senior programmer for Jasper Engines & Transmissions, said "We love the extended filelist structure! It seems we were always scraping for open file numbers before migrating to DataFlex 3.2." Developers have been actively upgrading their existing applications to DataFlex 3.2 since it's March release and the verdict is in - DataFlex 3.2 is simply the best tool for rapidly developing database applications! To learn more about how to preserve and extend your existing IT investment by deploying DataFlex 3.2.

User Groups Offer Developers Solutions, Shared Experiences
DataFlex User Groups are terrific forums for DataFlex developers to share their DataFlex programming experience and knowledge. To read about the upcoming meetings click here.

June 1, 2001

Did You Know...
When Stanford Research Systems made the decision to begin selling their high performance scientific instruments online the decision to deploy Data Access' WebApp Server as the business logic engine to power their e-commerce site was easy.

WebApp Studio Wizard Source Code Published with Beta 3
Data Access Worldwide has published the source code to the WebApp Studio Wizards with the WebApp rev. 3 beta version. Access to the Wizards' source code enables developers to build custom Wizards that can be integrated directly into WebApp Studio's IDE.

The installation includes the source to all five Wizards currently included in the WebApp 3 Beta. Please note that in order to properly compile and use the WebApp 3 Wizard Source you must use Visual DataFlex 7 with Service Pack 3 installed. The WebApp 3 Wizard Source installation program can be downloaded from the ftp site.

Data Access Europe Exhibits at Internet World/Berlin
Data Access Europe exhibited at Internet World/Berlin during May 15-17, 2001. Within four years, Internet World/Berlin has grown into the biggest Internet Show in Europe. The numbers of exhibitors and visitors have almost doubled year on year. In 2001, some 1,000 exhibitors presented their products and solutions for everything associated with IT and the Internet. The anticipated 70,000 trade visitors had a unique opportunity to acquire information on innovations and trends in 10 trade fair halls.

Data Access Europe showcased WebApp Server and other Data Access products and services in the Internet Software area located in Hall 1.2 (Internet Software: eCommerce, Client Software, Server Software, Database Management, Unified Messaging). For more information about Internet World/Berlin click here.

Pervasive Software Waives $99 Fee for Certification Offering
Become a Certified Pervasive Professional and access a wide variety of resources, tools and opportunities that will enhance your credibility, accelerate your sales efforts, and give you both added knowledge and the respect of your peers. Prove your fundamental Pervasive.SQL 2000i skills and experience by becoming certified, and identify yourself with the best in the industry. For information about the program, to view the study guide and take the test, visit:

If you're interested in attending a free web-based seminar presented by Pervasive (you only need a phone and access to the Web) on "Preparing For the Certified Pervasive Professional (CPP) Exam", visit calendar and select the date/time that best meets your needs. The offer to waive the $99 fee is available through August 7, 2001.


May 15, 2001

Did You Know...
The newly released DataFlex Connectivity Kit 2.0 for DB2, MS-SQL and ODBC are faster than ever with substantial performance enhancements and Embedded SQL! Connectivity Kits enable developers to use DB2, MS-SQL, Oracle and other databases with Visual DataFlex, DataFlex and WebApp application. For more information click here.

Data Access Worldwide Announces the Beta Release of WebAppT Server 3!
WebAppT Server 3, Data Access Worldwide's advanced software suite for building Web database applications, is now in Beta and is scheduled for shipping in Q3 2001. WebApp Server 3 supports Web deployment on both Windows 2000/NT servers running IIS and on Linux servers running Apache.

Developers interested in participating in the Beta program can find information and related communications about the Beta program by visiting the new Web Application Server forum.

Visual DataFlex 7 Service Pack 3 Released!
Data Access Worldwide is pleased to announce the release of Service Pack 3 for Visual DataFlex 7. The two main goals of SP 3 are to provide a consistent and reliable platform that enables users of VDF 6 to migrate to VDF 7 with confidence and transparency, and to synchronize the runtime and packages between Visual DataFlex and WebApp 3. SP 3 contains fixes in the Runtime, Packages, Database Explorer and the Compiler. The installation of SP 3 does not require any previous Service Packs, so it may be applied to any Visual DataFlex 7 installation. All programs must be recompiled. Download the VDF Service Pack 3 from our ftp site.

Data Access Europe Exhibits at Internet World/Berlin !
Data Access Europe will be exhibiting at Internet World/Berlin, May 15-17, 2001. WebApp Server will be showcased in the Internet Software area located in Hall 1.2 (Internet Software: eCommerce, Client Software, Server Software, Database Management, Unified Messaging). For more information about Internet World/Berlin, visit:

EDUC Concludes; Presentations Available for Download
The European Data Access Users Conference has concluded, and plans for the next conference are already underway! The next EDUC conference will be hosted by DataFlex Services, Italy in Monte Carlo. PowerPoint presentations from the 2001 Hamburg conference are now available for download. Visit

May 1, 2001

Did You Know...
Heavy Construction System Specialists, Inc. (HCSS), a leader in software development for heavy, highway, utility, and environmental contractors, had a common problem - the company's training manager had difficulty tracking training sessions. Since HCSS employs multiple trainers who work from remote locations, the company installed WebApp Server to enable their staff to have access to scheduling and other critical information anytime, anywhere.

DAW SupportNet Offers Best Pricing and Value!
The price of Data Access Worldwide SupportNet is the most competitive in the business. We want to ensure that our developers succeed with our products at a reasonable price that allows them to be competitive in today's software marketplace. In a direct comparison of similar support plans offered by several companies offering development software similar to or competing with Data Access Worldwide's products, SupportNet showed the lowest per incident cost and the lowest overall annual investment needed.

New Utility for VDF 7 & Novell NetWare Users Available for Download!
The VDF7 TTS File Install Kit is now available via download from Data Access Worldwide's Web and FTP sites. This installation program will install the Novell NetWare TTS files needed for running Visual DataFlex 7 with TTS on any machine that already has VDF 7 installed (development or deployment).


Data Access Brazil Hits the Linux Road
Data Access Brazil has joined in a strategic and exclusive partnership with Concetiva S.A. and Cyclades Brazil to present the "Linux 2001 Road Show". Together, these three companies will showcase their technology products and services for the Linux environment.

The Road Show will visit the major cities in the state of Sao Paulo, Brazil (Campinas, Araraquara, Ribeirao Preto, Santos, Bauru, and Presidente Prudente), and the principal capitals of Brazil (Curitiba, Porto Alegre, Rio de Janeiro, Goiania, and Brasilia). The Road Show kicked off on April 4 in Salvador-Bahia, and will continue through July 11. Road show attendees will be offered aggressive pricing discounts on bundled solutions featuring the participant's technologies, and will be treated to post-presentation cocktail parties. Click here for more information. The site you will be redirected to is in Portuguese.

DDUG Corroboree 2001 Attendance up 70%
Twenty-nine DataFlex developers gathered at the end of April in Sydney, Australia for the DataFlex Developer Users Group's Corroboree conference. The four-day event presented a full program of local and international presentations, group discussions and informal networking. The success of the gathering prompted the User Group attendees to vote to hold Corroboree again in the winter of 2002. For details, contact Neil Hamilton at Knowledge Base Enhanced
Search results from the Data Access Knowledge Base have been enhanced to show a list of recommended articles flagged as important by Data Access Worldwide's technical staff at the top of the search results list for key subjects. For example, a search of all categories for the keywords “white papers” will return two sets of results: “Data Access Worldwide Recommended Articles” followed by “Articles found by your search” making it faster and easier than ever to find the Knowledgebase articles you seek. To use the Knowledge Base click here.

April 17, 2001

Better Web Security with WebApp Server
Data Access Worldwide's WebApp Server integrates additional security features into your Web applications that go beyond what scripting languages and the operating system provide. WebApp Server provides a security layer that exercises absolute control over the processes that can be executed through it, enabling Web application developers to better blunt the attacks of hackers.

Installing & Configuring Pervasive.SQL 2000 for WebApp Server
This recently published white paper's objective is to list all the installation steps that one needs to go through on both Server and Client (using Windows NT), and some configuration involved when preparing Pervasive.SQL 2000 version 7.82 to be the backend database of a WebApp Application.

Growing up with Pervasive
This white paper explores how best to scale and configure the Pervasive.SQL 2000i database in various configurations. As your database and deployments grow, what provides the best performance: a faster processor, more memory, faster hard drives? Explore the tale of ”Mom n' Pop's Authentic Texas Irish Deli” as they grow from a small local business to a franchised chain and grow their Pervasive.SQL 2000i database. To read the white paper, visit:


Data Access Enhances FTP Services
The nightmare of loosing your net connection (and everything already downloaded) in the middle of a large download from an FTP site is virtually unavoidable - unless you can resume your download from the point at which your connection failed. Now, if you're downloading from Data Access Worldwide's FTP site, you can resume any download that was aborted. Data Access has enhanced our FTP site services to meet the growing demand on our network infrastructure. All that's needed to enable this feature is an FTP client that supports resuming a download (i.e., CuteFTP). Some FTP clients have special settings that allow you the choice to resume or overwrite a download, so be sure to check these settings. Also, some Web browsers such as Netscape 4.7 or higher support resuming downloads, but Internet Explorer does not.

April 2, 2001

DataFlex® 3.2 for UNIX Systems
DataFlex is a completely portable development environment. Applications can be developed under DOS, Windows Console Mode (95/98/NT/2000), Linux and all leading UNIX systems. Code can be easily ported to any supported environment, typically with nothing more than a recompilation of the source code. Versions of DataFlex 3.2 for Windows Console Mode, DOS, Linux, SCO 5, UnixWare 7, AIX and Solaris are available now. For more information click here

Data Access Worldwide Announces Updated Support Policies.
Effective April 1, 2001, Data Access Worldwide's support policies have changed. Support hours are now 10:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday (excluding holidays). To read about this and other support policy changes click here.

Certified Pervasive Professional Program from Pervasive Software
Developers leveraging the “Best of Both Worlds” database products from Pervasive Software ( should consider becoming a Certified Pervasive Professional. Participants of the program have access to a wide variety of resources, tools, and opportunities that will enhance your credibility, accelerate your sales efforts, and give you both added knowledge and the respect of your peers.



Beta Testers Needed for Visual DataFlex 7 Service Pack 3
Data Access Worldwide continues its aggressive support for Visual DataFlex 7 with the beta release of Service Pack 3. "SP3" enhancements ensure seamless operation between VDF7 and the upcoming WebApp Server 3 plus other quality improvements. Beta testers for the service pack are needed now.

WebAppT Server & VDF Help Raise $A 2.4 million for Sick and Needy Children
Main Menu Systems, an Australian-based developer of WebApp Server and Visual DataFlex applications, donated their talents and a modified order processing application to assist the Channel Seven Telethon Trust with recording financial pledges of support for the sick and needy children of Western Australia. FlexTools, Data Access Worldwide's distributor for Australia and New Zealand, contributed the software licenses to the fundraising effort. The telethon raised over $A 2.4 million in 24 hours and saw appearances by special guest stars like Jimmy Barnes and Christina Anu direct from the Sydney 2000 Olympic Closing Ceremony.

The Telethon Pledge reporting system, written in Visual DataFlex, powered 150 workstations operated by 900 volunteers during the event. WebApp Server was also deployed to allow internal Intranet connections to the system. The application provided the Telethon staff with the local and remote pledge entry and reporting tools needed to process the 35,000 calls received. The Telethon has raised over $A 57 million since its inception in 1968. For more information about the Channel Seven Telethon, visit:

March 1, 2001


WebApp Server Deployment on the Rise!
WebApp Server continues to be the Web Application server engine of choice for developers seeking controlled intelligent database integration with their Web sites.

New WebApp Server Limited Distribution License Available.
Data Access Worldwide is pleased to announce the release of a new, distributable form of WebApp Server... the WebApp Limited Distribution 4-Session Server License. For a low, one-time fee, this license grants users the right to distribute to others the 4-session server.

Did you know...?
DataFlex® 3.2 for Windows Console Mode and DOS is Released! DataFlex 3.2 includes greatly enhanced database specifications and the same application framework used in WebAppT Server and Visual DataFlex® providing a consistent business rules environment for web, Windows and character mode solutions. Click here for more information.

Pervasive.SQL 2000 for Linux and Solaris Q&A.
As part of the Pervasive.SQL 2000 family of products, Pervasive Software offers Pervasive.SQL 2000 Server for Linux and Solaris. Click here for a quick look at a few of the most common questions about migrating to these new platforms.

Pervasive.SQL for DataFlex is a combination of the DataFlex Connectivity Kit for Pervasive.SQL from Data Access Worldwide and Pervasive.SQL from Pervasive Software, Inc. Learn more about The DataFlex Connectivity Kit for Pervasive.SQL.


WEB-Link Technologies Offers Free WebApp Hosting for Developers
WEB-Link Technologies free “On-Ramp” program offers WebApp developers their own area to test their applications live on the Internet prior to public deployment of the site. This program also offers developers an additional site to begin generating public awareness while the data-enabled site is under development. Once completed, a full range of services is offered by WEB-Link to meet the ongoing needs of WebApp developers. For more information, visit


February 15, 2001

Visual DataFlex 7 Service Pack 2 Released
Data Access Worldwide has posted the Visual DataFlex 7 Service Pack 2 for download at our FTP site. Visual DataFlex 7 Service Pack 2 can be applied to installations consisting of either the base VDF 7 release or those that have already applied Service Pack 1 beta. The Visual DataFlex 7 Service Pack 2 installation program is 13,412 KB in size.
Click here for SP2.

We also recommend that you download Service Pack 2a and install it after you have installed Service Pack 2. Click here for SP2a. Goes Live
Data Access Worldwide is pleased to announce the launching of, a new Web site hosting service where WebApp developers can build, test and showcase their applications. Now, WebApp Studio users can deploy their applications on a live Windows NT/IIS Web server platform for real-world testing & prototyping.

Did you know...?
Larrondo Ingenieros en Software, based in Chile, South America, recently developed an application for Servicio de Impuestos Internos (SII), Chile's Internal Revenue Service. The Visual DataFlex application, which was selected over 20 other software systems, allows Chilean taxpayers to submit their tax information via the Internet.


Pervasive.SQL Workgroup Edition - Product Focus
Introduced with the release of Pervasive.SQL 2000, the Pervasive.SQL 2000 Workgroup edition is architected to meet the size and configuration of your workgroup, providing database access to your files no matter where they reside on your network, either locally or on remote workstations and file servers. Spanning the gap between workstation based installations and deployments requiring true server based client/server power, it delivers client/server multi-user performance, dependability, reliability, and data integrity to environments with no network server or where practical reasons dictate an alternate to sever based database engines.

Leveraging the architecture of the server edition, the Workgroup engine delivers features such as centralized multi-user concurrency and locking management to data access wherever the database resides in your configuration. This is accomplished through a file management scheme that controls and directs all database access through a single point, much like traditional client/server technology.

For information on Pervasive.SQL for DataFlex, or to read more on the Pervasive.SQL 2000 Workgroup edition in the Understanding the Pervasive.SQL 2000 Workgroup White Paper click here.

Visit Pervasive's web site.



February 2, 2001

Did You Know...?
HuMimics, through years of combined research, has developed an artificial intelligence application using Mimetic Synthesis. The neural-net core that HuMimics developed has the ability to perform and react to user inquiries in the same manner that a real person would perform. The end product, called Assimilated Applications for Mimetic Synthesis (AAMS), integrates speech recognition, text-to-speech output, desktop control software (so a droid can execute any resident application), and a pleasant animated 3D human head which moves it's lips when it speaks. The AAMS product allows the user to interact with the computer in much the same way that the user would interact with a fellow human being.

Visual DataFlex and XML White Paper Published.
Chris Hibbert of ASCKEY Data Services ( has authored a white paper that examines the usage of Extensible Markup Language (XML) data files with Visual DataFlex version 7.

European Data Access Users Conference Announced!
Data Access Deutschland GmbH will host the 2001 European Data Access User Conference, May 3-4, 2001, in Hamburg, Germany. The conference will be in English, and will feature leading Data Access technology experts from around the globe. For more information click here.



January 16, 2001

Did you know...?
Netherlands solution provider Computer Mobiel BV's ( Internet based Questionnaire application and Data Access' WebApp Server application server software have been certified as IBM ServerProvenT. The IBM ServerProvenT program helps make sure that everything customers use - along with their IBM server - is validated.

WebApp Server for Linux Preview Version 2.9.7 Now Available!
The latest version of the Linux software with an extended expiration date, as well as a comprehensive new PDF document that fully describes the new revision 3 load balancing and process pooling technology.

DataFlex Connectivity Kits for IBM DB2, MS-SQL and ODBC Released!
Data Access Worldwide is pleased to announce the release of revision 1.5 of the DataFlex Connectivity Kits for IBM DB2, MS-SQL and ODBC. Connectivity Kits enable developers to use leading SQL databases such as IBM DB2, MS-SQL, or Oracle with Visual DataFlex, DataFlex and WebApp applications. SQL databases offer developers the opportunity to address new markets and give existing WebApp, DataFlex and Visual DataFlex application users new system configuration flexibility for the future. Data Access Worldwide also offers a Connectivity Kit and server software for Pervasive.SQL 2000. For more information about Connectivity Kits click here.



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